Tattoo Removal Goggles for Sale

Many of our laser tattoo removal training clients are interested in purchasing laser goggles for use with Nd:YAG laser and Ruby laser systems. We are offering goggles in an easy-to-understand way and at very competitive prices.

Protective Goggles

Wavelength-specific goggles give necessary protection to practitioners and patients during laser treatments. It is very important that the filter on the goggles corresponds to the wavelength of light used for treatment, and that sufficient optical density is incorporated. Each laser comes with goggles specific to the wavelengths it creates. Click here to purchase goggles.

Astanza Laser Goggles

Stainless Steel Eye Shields

Stainless steel eye shields provide necessary patient eye protection during laser treatments on the face, such as skin rejuvenation, lesion treatments, and facial tattoo removal. The traditional protective goggles are too large to allow treatment near the eyes, and these metal shields are convenient and effective, giving complete coverage of the sensitive eye area. Click here to purchase eye shield.

stainless steel laser eye shields