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MIAMI – October 19 & 20

Miami NLLC October

Registration is open for the Miami New Look Laser College Course, October 19 & 20! Join us in Miami for hands-on laser tattoo removal training, safety training, business best practices, and more!

3 SPOTS LEFT – Register Now!

 Call (281) 846-5890 or email for more information. 

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Join New Look Laser College for our first-ever webinar!  We’re answering all of our most popular FAQs surrounding NLLC, and clearing up any confusion prospective students may have about the course before they register.  These are just a few things we’ll cover:

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Who Attends New Look Laser College?

Healthcare Professionals

Why Healthcare Professionals Train with NLLC

Healthcare professionals from all fields are turning to tattoo removal and learning it from NLLC. It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure that yields permanent results and high rates of patient satisfaction.

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Why Entrepreneurs Train with NLLC

Tattoo removal is a growing field that shows no signs of slowing. NLLC has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to successfully start a clinic operation and profit from this in-demand procedure.

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Tattoo Artists

Why Tattoo Artists Train with NLLC

Tattoo application and tattoo removal go hand-in-hand. By adding laser tattoo removal to your shop, you can erase old, unwanted tattoos to free up space for the quality body art and cover-ups you design.

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Laser Technicians

Why Laser Technicians Train with NLLC

Laser technicians will earn several certificates by attending NLLC, including Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Learning tattoo removal at NLLC will give you the knowledge to the best in your field.

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“NLLC is an informative course. As a client of NLLC, I feel certain that I have received excellent information to support my future work in laser tattoo removal.”

Lene Andersen Væggerløse
Lene Andersen VæggerløseDenmark

I enjoyed being taught by professionals with experience in every area of the tattoo removal industry. I honestly cannot see room for improvement… the course is perfect as-is. I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in tattoo removal.”

Mr. Scott Holland
Mr. Scott HollandMidland, TX

“I am super excited to get this next step of my life going by opening my own clinic and continuing to advance my knowledge and experience with laser tattoo removal. Once again a big thank you to you and your staff for being a part of that.”

Mr. Chad Stover
Mr. Chad StoverSyracuse, IN

I traveled from Europe to attend NLLC, and it was worth the travel. I was worried that the course might become a sales pitch for a particular laser manufacturer, and it wasn’t. I learned so much, had all my questions answered and obtained great confidence to perform tattoo removal and onychomycosis. I would recommend NLLC to anyone who wants to invest in themselves in the laser industry.”

Mr. Brian Barrett
Mr. Brian BarrettBelfast, Ireland

All of the hands-on and marketing section was great. The course was a weekend well spent to learn laser tattoo removal.”

Mr. TJ Strey
Mr. TJ StreyBryan, TX

The hands-on portion has given me the confidence to go home and treat patients with great care and precision. I would strongly recommend New Look Laser College if you are ready to become a part of the tattoo removal community. This is a well-run school with a very savvy staff.”

Ms. Jana Powell
Ms. Jana PowellMechanicsville, VA

“Loved this course… it was perfect for my purposes – I just wanted to focus on tattoo removal, and this was the best course I found to do that in-depth.”

Andrea Clifton, RN
Andrea Clifton, RNAuburn, WA

I feel it was a great course, and I would recommend this course to anyone. I like all of the hands-on experience and the help with setting up your own laser clinic.”

Dr. Dennis Streeter
Dr. Dennis StreeterMerrillville, IN

I appreciated the thoroughness of the material. The training staff is extremely educated and have been amazing at discussing and explaining all of the material.”

Ms. Courtney Maguire
Ms. Courtney MaguireSpring, TX

“I enjoyed the whole trip to Dallas!! New Look Laser College Training was great. I would recommend the class to anyone thinking about entering the laser tattoo removal business!! The staff was extremely helpful and professional. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. I am a non-medical entrepreneur and completed the Sept 23-24 training course.”

Cynthia KellyGreenbrier, West Virginia

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Thank you for considering New Look Laser College. We want to help you make an informed decision about which laser tattoo removal training program to attend. Our expert staff is happy to answer all of your questions and provide information about the course.

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