• Advanced Hands-On Training in Laser Tattoo Removal

    New Look Laser College – the world's first course devoted exclusively to tattoo removal – has trained more practitioners than any other program.

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  • Designed for Physicians and Entrepreneurs Alike

    Our course is designed to be both approachable and highly informative. People from all backgrounds have enjoyed learning how to perform tattoo removal at NLLC.

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  • Practical Knowledge for Earning Profits

    Attracting and retaining patients is the key to a successful tattoo removal clinic. We'll teach techniques to effectively market this innovative procedure.

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  • Moving the Tattoo Removal Industry Forward

    New Look Laser College's advanced protocols and Q-switched laser technology are on the cutting-edge of the tattoo removal field.

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  • About NLLC

    We established the first laser training program exclusively dedicated to tattoo removal.


  • What We Teach

    Our expert instructors to cover everything from laser physics to performing hands-on treatments.


  • Registration

    See the course schedule and register for our 2-day laser tattoo removal training course.


  • Testimonials

    NLLC training clients are amongst the most successful tattoo removal practitioners in the country.



Our training clients fall into four key categories:

Why Healthcare Professionals Train with NLLC

  • Healthcare professionals from all fields are turning to tattoo removal and learning it from NLLC. It's a simple, non-invasive procedure that yields permanent results and high rates of patient satisfaction.
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Why Entrepreneurs Train with NLLC

  • Tattoo removal is a growing field that shows no signs of slowing. NLLC has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to successfully start a clinic operation and profit from this in-demand procedure.
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Why Laser Technicians Train with NLLC

  • Laser technicians will earn several certificates by attending NLLC, including Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO). Learning tattoo removal at NLLC will give you the knowledge to the best in your field.
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Why Tattoo Artists Train with NLLC

  • Tattoo application and tattoo removal go hand-in-hand. By adding laser tattoo removal to your shop, you can erase old, unwanted tattoos to free up space for the quality body art and cover-ups you design.
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Upcoming Courses

  • Dallas, TX: September 23-24
  • Dallas, TX: November 3-4


  • "As a physician, I found NLLC to be very helpful in the establishment and structure of Louisville Tattoo Removal, including encouraging a focus on marketing and – of course – safe and effective tattoo removal."

    — Dr. Thomas D. Cummins, MD, FACS

  • "Loved this course... it was perfect for my purposes – I just wanted to focus on tattoo removal, and this was the best course I found to do that in-depth."

    — Andrea Clifton, RN

  • "NLLC is an informative course. As a client of NLLC, I feel certain that I have received excellent information to support my future work in laser tattoo removal."

    — Lene Andersen