Profitability of Laser Tattoo Removal

Entrepreneurs and physicians alike are turning to laser tattoo removal after seeing other practitioners succeed with this innovative procedure.

In-Demand and Cash-Pay

Tattoo removal practitioners offer an effective solution to a widespread need. Because it takes investment to enter the tattoo removal field, there is a limited number of tattoo removal practitioners. Because the procedure is in high demand and there are few providers, practitioners are able to charge a premium for their time.

Tattoo Removal Profitability

A busy standalone tattoo removal clinic that utilizes smart marketing can produce $10,000+ in revenue weekly with minimal expenses. Best of all, since tattoo removal is an aesthetic procedure, there is no hassle of working with insurance companies for reimbursement.

A Very Profitable Addition to Your Practice

Practitioner Tattoo Removal TrainingWorking with physicians and medical professionals across the country, we’ve seen how good laser tattoo removal can be to the bottom line. Healthcare practitioners in all fields are extremely well positioned to add this cash-pay procedure.

Adding laser tattoo removal to your existing practice can add $8,000 to $20,000 per month in profit within 3 to 6 months. This is a realistic range of figures that physicians are able to achieve by making several good decisions regarding equipment, marketing strategy, pricing, and internal processes.

Here’s the analysis:

  • Existing medical practices already have most of their costs covered – physician, nursing staff, medical assistants and techs, office space, utilities, insurance, etc.
  • The key additional monthly cost to add tattoo removal is a $1,500-$2,400 monthly payment for a top-of-the-line laser.
  • Other costs include marketing and very minimal consumable expenses (bandages, tape, etc.).
  • Tattoo removal treatments are normally priced at $150-$500 (cash pay, no insurance reimbursement hassle) for a five to ten minute treatment on a single patient.
  • Patients return every 6 weeks for follow-up treatments, and most patients will need 3-10 treatments (with 5-8 average) to remove a tattoo completely.
  • In most states, your nurse, medical assistant, or technician can perform these procedures – freeing up your valuable time.

Physicians want to increase revenue but decrease reimbursement haggling. Laser tattoo removal is a quick, safe procedure with a very high return on investment.

To cover the cost of the laser, very few procedures need to be performed every month. Patients are very motivated to complete a series of treatments to complete removal of their tattoo, and the practice will grow quickly as new patients complement existing follow-up patients. As part of the NLLC course, we will teach medical practices how to market this service to their existing patient population as well as use simple, cost-effective, and scalable marketing techniques to find new patients that desire laser tattoo removal.

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