About New Look Laser College

About New Look Laser College

The World’s First Tattoo Removal Training Program

Treatment 10 webNew Look Laser College (NLLC) was established in 2007 to provide an in-depth tattoo removal training experience for individuals interested in joining this growing field. We have trained more tattoo removal practitioners around the world than any other laser training program.

The NLLC course has been taught across six continents and almost a dozen countries, including England, Denmark, New Zealand, and China. NLLC training clients come from a wide range of backgrounds too. We’ve trained plastic surgeons, dermatologists, vein specialists, nurses, entrepreneurs, and tattoo artists alike.

The New Look Laser College course material has been refined over the years to provide comprehensive knowledge for practitioners. Our teaching style has an emphasis on the hands-on portion of the course, and we make sure that the physics and medical concepts are explained clearly for all.

Practical Knowledge for Performing Tattoo Removal

The course has a focus on the practical application of tattoo removal – we discuss the ins and outs of performing the procedure safely and effectively, plus how to attract patients with marketing efforts that have been proven to work in this industry.

The NLLC course material is taught by tattoo removal experts with years of experience in the field. Members of the training team have actually run a highly profitable tattoo removal clinic themselves – so they know what works for creating a successful revenue stream with laser tattoo removal and use NLLC as a method of sharing those practices. After years of teaching this course, the NLLC team has explored every question about the tattoo removal field – and we’re excited to share that knowledge with you.

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