Our Approach

Our Unique Training Approach

A Multifaceted Course for Learning Laser Tattoo Removal

New Look Laser College provides expert tattoo removal education for people who are serious about exploring all aspects of performing laser tattoo removal. Our training approach is exceptionally thorough – we condense a wealth of information into two days of class.

Treatment 5 webFeel Comfortable with Performing the Procedure

At New Look Laser College, we jump into treating patients on the first day. We’ve found that this structure minimizes anxiety about performing the procedure and allows for better perspective when other concepts are reviewed the following day.

You will be able to practice with the laser and watch a treatment before performing the procedure yourself on our volunteer patients. Most training clients quickly feel comfortable with the laser – it’s simple to operate, even for laser beginners.

All treatments are overseen and guided by our expert tattoo removal training staff that has trained hundreds of practitioners across the country and around the world. The NLLC training staff members will closely watch your work to help you perform the best tattoo removal treatments possible.

Treat a Variety of Tattoo Types

Treatment 1 webAt New Look Laser College, we screen volunteer patients to make sure that their tattoos and skin types allow for quality teaching opportunities. We strive to have a diverse sampling of patients and tattoos – which allows for a more challenging and informative hands-on portion of the course. 

You’ll assess and treat homemade tattoos, professional tattoos, monochromatic tattoos, and colorful tattoos. Our patients have a range of skin types along the Fitzpatrick scale, which also provides important learning opportunities for treating sensitive skin.

At every course, we invite patients at a range of different stages in the treatment process. Some patients will have tattoos that have never been treated before – others may be on their fifth or sixth treatment. The number of laser treatments a tattoo has undergone greatly affects the treatment settings and the response the laser has on the skin, so it is important that you train on a variety of tattoos to experience using different Q-switched laser settings and seeing different skin reactions.

Learn the Science of Removing Ink

New Look Laser College is a place where we not only train tattoo removal, but teach the science behind the procedure. We’ll explain to you why tattoo removal lasers feature a unique technology for shattering tattoo ink that cannot be mimicked by other aesthetic lasers.

You’ll understand the physics behind the wavelengths of light used in the tattoo removal procedure and why certain wavelengths are useful for certain types of tattoos. If you have any questions about the science of lasers, how tattoo removal works, or the biological response to tattoo ink, they will all be answered at New Look Laser College. For more information about how tattoo removal works now, click here.

Emphasis on Profiting with Tattoo Removal

Market RisingAt New Look Laser College, our goal is to provide training so that you can be a successful provider of quality laser tattoo removal services. The didactic portion of the course covers the knowledge any expert practitioner should know. The hands-on portion of the course hones your technique and gives you real-world experience. Yet, it’s the business portion of the course that helps practitioners achieve success.

During the business section of the course, we will discuss all of the major components of running a tattoo removal clinic – whether it’s within an existing practice or an entirely new venture. Our marketing expert will discuss the effective marketing strategies that have been proven to work for attracting tattoo removal patients. The techniques we teach are budget-friendly and can work within any business model. We’ll also discuss the important issues of office space, insurance, and state laws.

Since New Look Laser College was the first training program dedicated to this niche (and has been training clients for many years more), we’ve seen what works for tattoo removal clinics – and what doesn’t. We are happy to share that knowledge with you to help you profit with this exciting procedure.

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