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State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

Many of our potential training clients are interested in learning about the regulations in their state regarding laser tattoo removal.

thumbnail-United-States smallCommon questions include:

  • Who is allowed to perform laser tattoo removal in my state?
  • Do I need a physician to serve as medical director?
  • What are the rules on the relationship between the medical director and the laser technician?
  • Can I own a laser tattoo removal clinic in my state?
  • Do you have to have a medical background to perform laser tattoo removal?
  • What are states where only physicians are allowed to perform laser tattoo removal?

How We Help

In our two-day laser tattoo removal training course at New Look Laser College we discuss these issues and help our training clients to understand the state regulations for tattoo removal. The vast majority of states allow non-medical people to perform laser procedures, but it’s important to have a full understanding of your state’s laws. The most common regulation is that a off-site physician will serve as “medical director” to provide delegation / supervision of a laser technician.

As part of our course, we help our training clients set up these medical director relationships and provide the paperwork they need. We aren’t providing legal advice or setting up contracts for you, but the process is rather straightforward and we’ve helped many people with this issue before.

Check Your State’s Laws

We have listed a few specific states that have very strict regulations on who can perform laser treatments like tattoo removal, but many other states allow anyone to perform the procedure as long as they have this basic supervision. Below in the link is a document we created that has a list of all the state medical/licensing boards that regulate these issues. We aren’t able to provide the answers on a state-by-state basis for the rules, but we recommend that you contact the authorities yourself to find this information.

United States Clickable Map

Here is a sampling of states that are unusual in requiring a certain background to perform laser tattoo removal:

  • California: Only Nurses/Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners/Physicians can fire a laser
  • Florida: Only Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners/Physicians can fire a laser
  • Illinois: A Physician/their delegate must conduct an evaluation of the patient in person before a laser technician can perform a laser procedure
  • New Jersey: Only Physicians can fire a laser
  • Ohio: Only Physicians can fire a laser

Disclaimer: We aren’t lawyers, and nothing on this page or website should be considered legal advice. Please do your due diligence – as you would for any new venture or project.

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