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Laser Tattoo Removal Training by New Look Laser College

Laser tattoo removal has grown wildly popular over the years as more and more patients seek to remove their unwanted ink. Tattoo removal clinics and studios are popping up all over the world, generating some stiff competition. So what can you do to stand out amongst the crowd? Aside from the laser technology your clinic […]

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Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing Methods

More often than not, the most frequently asked question a practitioner will hear is, “How much does laser tattoo removal cost?” Clinics use a variety of pricing methods, but the most important thing to remember when deciding your clinic’s treatment pricing is to make sure it makes the most sense for you and your patients. […]

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What to Expect at a NLLC Course

Training clients that attend New Look Laser College should expect to receive in-depth, comprehensive training that will prepare them for success in the laser tattoo removal field. All training courses are held during the weekend and last just two days long—Saturday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Both days contain informative didactic material followed by […]

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Who Can Attend New Look Laser College?

Anyone interested in entering the laser tattoo removal field is welcome to sign up for New Look Laser College’s laser tattoo removal school. We have trained hundreds of individuals all across the world including medical professionals, entrepreneurs, tattoo shop owners, and skin specialists. Below you can find a more in depth summary of the many […]

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New Look Laser College is the Longest-Running Laser Tattoo Removal School

Before tattoo removal lasers existed, the options for removing unwanted ink were very limited and even considered dangerous. Due to the recent advancement in laser technology, millions of people living with tattoo regret are actively seeking laser tattoo removal treatment all over the world. The rapid growth of laser tattoo removal has caught the attention […]

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