How to Prepare for New Look Laser College

How to Prepare for New Look Laser College (Plus More Answers During FREE Webinar!)

New Look Laser College (NLLC) students ask us all the time: “How do I prepare for this course? What do I bring? What can I wear? Do I have to have tattoos? Will there be breakfast tacos?” and more.  Keep reading for answers to your training preparation questions, and join us September 20th, 2019 for an exclusive webinar answering all of your laser tattoo removal training FAQs! (And yes, there will be breakfast tacos the morning of the course.)

First things first: Registering for a New Look Laser College course is easier than placing an Amazon order.  After you have decided you are ready to learn about tattoo removal, find the course location and date most convenient for you. Add the appropriate course to your shopping cart and complete your purchase like you normally would for any other online order.

For those interested in planning further ahead AND saving money in the process, we highly recommend taking advantage of our Early Bird Registration Discounts.  To save $300 on the cost of your desired course, be sure to register at least 3 months prior to the course date. For example, if the course you’re interested in attending is scheduled for February 7-8, 2020, you would need to register before December 7, 2019 to save $300. After the Early Bird period has passed, the course will return to normal pricing.

If you are a current Astanza Laser client and you’re interested in using training credits from your VIP plan, contact Justin at

Luckily, students can pack light for New Look Laser College courses. Most of the supplies needed for the course will be provided by your training instructors, and students are welcomed to bring anything extra they’d like to have. A few things we recommend bringing include something to take notes in, a phone charger, and business cards.

Each student will receive writing supplies and a binder detailing the entire lecture / curriculum for the weekend that also has space to take notes.  NLLC provides all the necessary materials and equipment used for performing laser tattoo removal treatments, consultations, and aftercare. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and other beverages are provided both days of the course.

Something comfortable! We recommend that students wear comfortable shoes because they’ll be on their feet for a considerable period of time during hands-on laser training.  We are a-okay as long as students are comfortable and their clothing doesn’t get in their way during hands-on practice. Generally, avoid uncomfortable shoes, bulky jewelry, flowy sleeves and anything else that might hinder your performance with the laser.

If you have other burning questions about New Look Laser College, laser tattoo removal, training, and more, join us for an exclusive webinar: Answering FAQs: New Look Laser College! This webinar is free to view and open to the public upon registration! All registrants will receive a recorded version after the webinar airs live on September 20, 2019 at 2:00 pm.

Answering FAQs: New Look Laser College  

LIVE: Sept. 20, 2019 at 2:00 PM CST
FREE to View, Open to the public upon registration
Hosted by: Justin Arnosky, VP of Clinical Education, and Jessie Brandt, Marketing Specialist

Sign Up for the Webinar:

View the Webinar: Answering FAQs About New Look Laser College

Is this course right for me? Answering FAQs during exclusive webinar

Is This Course Right For Me? Tattoo Removal Training Questions Answered During Informative Webinar!

At New Look Laser College, we get the opportunity to train folks with different professional backgrounds and levels of laser experience. We’re often asked: “Is this course right for me?” because potential students are unsure of what prerequisites (if any) we require and whether or not their current profession qualifies them for attending training. Keep reading for your answer, and join us for an exclusive webinar where we’ll answer your laser training FAQs!  

There are no required prerequisites for attending one of New Look Laser College’s tattoo removal training courses. While we approach laser tattoo removal as a medical procedure (for the sake of patient safety, comfort, and adherence to proper techniques and protocols by practitioners), students do not need a medical background or prior experience with aesthetic lasers to become certified through this course.

Students learn all the relevant and necessary information for performing safe and effective laser tattoo removal during our two-day courses. During New Look Laser College, we train students on laser safety, physics, consultations, side effects, aftercare, marketing/operating their tattoo removal business, and more. We also place a special emphasis on hands-on laser training with real tattoo removal patients, ensuring each student gets plenty of practice with the lasers throughout the weekend.

New Look Laser College is open to individuals of any professional background, regardless of their laser or medical background. At any given course, it’s common to have tattoo artists, med spa technicians, doctors, plastic surgeons, and first-time laser users/entrepreneurs training together.

We love having such a wide variety of friendly faces at each of our courses because it enriches our students’ experience!  Medical professionals can dive deeper into laser physics, and side effects, and tattoo artists/shop owners share incredibly helpful first-hand insights into the artwork and business aspects of laser tattoo removal.  These different perspectives, combined with instruction from our team of field experts, allows for engaging discussion and more shared knowledge, further enhancing every student’s learning experience!

Although we accept students of any professional background into our training program to earn their certification in laser tattoo removal, it’s essential to know your own state’s rules and regulations surrounding the procedure before attending a training course.  Some states may only require that you have proof of certification and a functional laser, while others may require that you have a medical director listed on staff or that laser tattoo removal practitioners must be registered nurses. Click here to research your state’s rules and regulations regarding laser tattoo removal.

Get Your Questions Answered During Our Upcoming Webinar!
If you have more burning questions about New Look Laser College, be sure to join us for this exciting and informative webinar! During this livestream, we’ll answer our most popular FAQs surrounding our training course and help you determine if this course is right for you or your team.  This exclusive webinar will stream on September 20th, 2019 at 2:00 PM CST and is free to view. All registrants will receive a recording after we air live (be sure to sign up before Sept. 20th!). Click here to sign up for the webinar!


View the Webinar: Answering FAQs About New Look Laser College

Happy National Tattoo Removal Day from New Look Laser College!

National Tattoo Removal Day is Back! (Special Discounts Inside)

Can you believe it? It’s already been one year since the first official National Tattoo Removal Day! Our New Look Laser College team is excited to celebrate the 2nd annual National Tattoo Removal Day, and we’re offering a special discount on the remaining 2019 laser tattoo removal courses.

You might be wondering: What is National Tattoo Removal Day, and why do we celebrate it?

What is National Tattoo Removal Day?
National Tattoo Removal Day celebrates the transformation of unwanted ink
and the many developments in laser technology that have made this procedure safe and effective. NTRD advocates for all people who have considered removing a tattoo and encourages them to learn more about their options, the technology, and the procedure. People choose to remove their tattoos for a number of reasons, including fading their ink for a better coverup tattoo, removing signs of the past, or simply falling out of love with the tattoo.  Whatever the reason, National Tattoo Removal Day serves as an opportunity to kick off a patient’s journey to a fresh start.

Who does it recognize?
NTRD also recognizes the certified laser technicians, tattoo shops, physicians, and other laser tattoo removal providers for their hard work and dedication to change lives in their communities.  New Look Laser College is the first laser training program in the world to focus exclusively on laser tattoo removal, and has certified countless practitioners to perform tattoo removal across the globe, whether they’re tattoo artists, Med Spa owners, physicians, or first-time entrepreneurs.

How to celebrate (and save!)
Happy National Tattoo Removal Day from New Look Laser College!To celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day, New Look Laser College is offering $100 off of the remaining 2019 training courses with a special coupon. To claim your coupon, follow @newlooklasercollege on Instagram, like our post about NTRD and send us a DM!

Today is the perfect perfect opportunity for you to jumpstart your journey with tattoo removal, whether that means training, receiving a treatment, or starting your own business.  You can celebrate in many different ways – just be sure to share your celebration on social media by using #NationalTattooRemovalDay or #NTRD19 to spread the word!

Our two-day training course gives students all the tools, information, and hands-on laser practice necessary to perform effective tattoo removal and build a successful laser tattoo removal practice.  In addition to comprehensive laser tattoo removal training, our team of industry experts also provide in-depth curriculum focused on growing a tattoo removal business with marketing best practices.  Click here to learn more about New Look Laser College’s curriculum.

Upcoming Courses:

For more information about New Look Laser College, call (281) 846-5890 or email For more information on National Tattoo Removal Day, visit or search #NationalTattooRemovalDay and #NTRD19.

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Lasers You'll Train with during New Look Laser College

What Tattoo Removal Devices Will I Train with at New Look Laser College?

Before attending a tattoo removal training course, students are usually curious about the lasers they’ll train with.  At New Look Laser College, we typically train students how to use the Astanza Duality and Astanza Trinity, but we’re excited to welcome another laser into the mix soon!

We know that not all students who attend the course will perform tattoo removal with Astanza systems after certification, so we try to share as much applicable knowledge about other systems as possible.  Our goal for every course is to help students feel confident performing laser tattoo removal on any tattoo and with any type of laser. Keep reading to learn more about the lasers you’ll train with during New Look Laser College. For a more in-depth look into New Look Laser College, join us for our free FAQ webinar on September 20th!


The Astanza Duality
(AKA a “Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser”)

Training with the Astanza Duality tattoo removal laserThe Astanza Duality is our “workhorse” laser and a crowd favorite at New Look Laser College. This is the primary laser our students learn to use because majority of tattoo removal clinics have at least a dual-wavelength device similar to the Duality.

Known for its reliability, high performance, and consistent results, the Astanza Duality is an easy-to-use Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser that targets a wide range of ink colors, including black, brown, purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. The Duality uses 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths and has a 5 mm square spot size.   


The Astanza Trinity
(Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser PLUS a Q-Switched Ruby Laser)

Students also train with the Astanza Trinity, a three-wavelength system (1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm) that combines the power of two standalone lasers, the Duality and the Eternity.

The Trinity has all the power and capability of the Duality with the added benefit of the Eternity’s 694 nm wavelength. This wavelength allows practitioners to target brighter, more stubborn tattoo ink colors, including lime green, sky blue, teal, resistant black, etc.  Three-wavelength systems like the Trinity provide the most effective solution for complete, full-spectrum tattoo removal. 


*NEW* Astanza Etherea MX + Acroma Handpiece
Portable Platform System with an Interchangeable Handpiece

The Astanza Etherea MX is the latest laser addition to the New Look Laser College lineup, and students will have the opportunity to train with it during upcoming courses!  The Etherea MX is a unique tool for tattoo removal because it functions as a “platform” system with seven interchangeable handpieces that can perform over 70 different FDA-cleared laser procedures. 

The Etherea MX’s Acroma handpiece is used for tattoo removal and is similar to the Astanza Duality because it features the same 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths and is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. However, unlike the Duality, the Acroma handpiece supports various spot sizes for its 1064 nm wavelength (3, 5, 7, and 9 mm).  Students who train with the Etherea MX’s Acroma handpiece will gain valuable experience using a portable system.


*Note: The Duality is currently used at courses held outside of our Dallas, TX Headquarters. If you are interested in gaining additional training with the Etherea MX or EternityTSR, please attend one of our upcoming Dallas, TX courses. This is subject to change, please contact to determine which laser will be used at your specific course. 



New Look Laser College believes in providing a diverse training experience with various lasers to educate our students. Not only will students gain unparalleled experience working with different lasers, they will also see the many competitive features that each individual laser has to offer and better understand which laser they want to invest in for their practice.

For more questions about our lasers, curriculum, upcoming courses, etc., feel free to reach us at 1-800-364-9010,, or join us for our upcoming tell-all webinar September 20th! 

Have more questions about what to expect at NLLC?

View the Webinar: Answering FAQs About New Look Laser College

Answering FAQs - New Look Laser College Webinar!

FREE Upcoming Webinar: We’re Answering All Your Laser Tattoo Removal Training FAQs!

It’s happening! We’re so excited to announce that New Look Laser College is hosting an exclusive webinar to answer our most popular FAQs! Answering FAQs: New Look Laser College will air live on September 20th and is free to view upon registering online.



We often field a lot of questions from potential students when they’re deciding whether or not to sign up for a course.  While we love talking with prospective students, we noticed some common themes: generally, students want to know what to expect, what they need, and what they’ll get out of a New Look Laser College tattoo removal training course. We’re hosting this exclusive webinar to answer questions, clear up any confusion, and provide a helpful resource for future NLLC students!


Our team will cover several topics during the FAQ webinar, and these are just a few things you can expect to learn more about: 

– What to expect at NLLC
– How to register
– What to bring
– What prerequisites you need
– How to save on registration costs
– Is this course right for me?
– Many more!

Have some other questions you would like answered during the webinar? Or maybe something you think all prospective students should know? Let us know in the comments!


New Look Laser College instructors, Justin Arnosky and Jessie Brandt will be your webinar hosts!

Justin serves as Astanza Laser’s VP of Clinical Education and oversees all of New Look Laser College’s courses, hands-on training, curriculum, and more.  He’s been with New Look Laser College and Astanza since our humble beginnings and is excited to share some inside secrets and best practices he’s learned.

Jessie is a Marketing Specialist at Astanza Laser and is new to the NLLC lineup this year.  She teaches New Look Laser College students how to grow their laser tattoo removal business with cutting edge marketing practices and strategies!


This webinar is free to view (yeah, actually free!)! You just need to sign up online to let us know you’re interested.  The New Look Laser College FAQ webinar will live stream September 20th at 2:00 PM CST.

Don’t worry if you’re interested in viewing this webinar but you know you can’t “attend” the livestream. Everyone who signs up to view this content will receive a free video recording of the webinar after it airs live!  Click here or the image below to sign up for the NLLC FAQ webinar!


Answering FAQs: New Look Laser College

LIVE: Sept. 20, 2019 at 2:00 PM CST
FREE to View – Sign Up Here!

Hosted by: Justin Arnosky, VP of Clinical Education & Jessie Brandt, Marketing Specialist
Recorded version will be shared with registrants after the livestream.  Curious about the webinar or have burning questions you want answered during the webinar? Let us know in the comments!

View the Webinar: Answering FAQs About New Look Laser College

What to Expect at New Look Laser College Training

What to Expect at New Look Laser College Training

One of the questions we’re asked the most is, “What can I expect during New Look Laser College training?” Short answer: a good time with lasers and breakfast tacos. Long answer: keep reading!

The Curriculum
During New Look Laser College, our students learn the relevant concepts they need to be successful and safe with laser tattoo removal. These include laser safety and protocol, laser physics, assessing tattoos, treating patients, operating a clinic, and effectively marketing your clinic to tattoo patients.

It’s important to us that our students leave our training course confident enough in their skills that they could perform laser tattoo removal on their own (of course, we’re only a call away if you need us). Students also learn how to use the DESCRIBE® PDF Patch, a laser accessory used for enhancing tattoo removal treatments. Click here to view the full curriculum.

What About Hands-On Training?
No laser course would be complete without hands-on laser training. That’s why we give each student the opportunity to fire our lasers on real tattoos. New Look Laser College brings in real tattoo removal patients for our students to practice on under the supervision of our team of clinical experts. Each patient can have wildly different tattoos than the next, giving our students experience removing a variety of sleeve tattoos, minimalistic designs, black ink, or full-color artwork located in different areas on the body (face, neck, chest, back, legs, arms, hands, etc.).

What Will the Day Look Like?
All New Look Laser College training courses span two days, and lecture and hands-on training are held from 9:00 AM to roughly 5:00 PM. Day One consists of lecture in the morning until we break for lunch, and the entire afternoon is dedicated to hands-on laser training. Day Two begins with lecture and hands-on training with the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch. The afternoon is spent with more laser-related topics, marketing and clinic operation insights, and the certification exam.

What Do I Need to Bring?
Just YOU! All students will receive a course binder detailing the lecture topics covered during the training course. Note taking materials will be provided, but students are welcome to bring in additional notebooks, iPads or laptops. The use of professional cameras for the sake of recording the lecture is prohibited, but photos and videos of the hands-on training is allowed.

What’s the Dress Code?
Students ask us if they have to wear scrubs to New Look Laser College, especially during the hands-on training. The answer is, no. We want you to be comfortable, whether that means wearing scrubs, jeans, slacks, or hula skirts, for that matter. We do ask that students refrain from wearing anything that may get in their way during treatments (i.e. long, flowing sleeves, bulky jewelry etc.).

I’m Ready! How Do I Sign Up?
Registering for New Look Laser College is easy! We offer courses at our Dallas headquarters, throughout the US and internationally. Registration is entirely online for your convenience (you could probably register for NLLC training faster than you could order a pizza, TBH). Click here to view the full schedule!

Upcoming Course:

Click to Register

For questions regarding New Look Laser College, topics covered during the training course, how to prepare, etc., please contact Justin Arnosky, VP of Clinical Education.

Justin Arnosky
VP of Clinical Education
Call: (281) 846-5890

Tattoo Removal Training - New Look Laser College in Amsterdam

Tattoo Removal Training in Amsterdam

Learn Tattoo Removal in Amsterdam with Opal!

Get your passports ready! Learn how to perform laser tattoo removal from New Look Laser College in Amsterdam June 29 – 30, 2019! Students will receive hands-on laser experience with real patients and learn key strategies for growing a successful, profit-earning laser business.  New Look Laser College, the training division of Astanza Laser, is the most in-depth tattoo removal course to date.  Students get the opportunity to learn from field experts and operate the lasers themselves.


During our Amsterdam New Look Laser College course, students will learn topics relevant for growing a successful tattoo removal practice.  These topics include:
–   Hands-On Laser Tattoo Removal Practice (with real patients!)
–   Laser Safety, Compliance, and Protocol
–   Laser Physics & Laser/Skin Interaction
–   Assessing & Treating Tattoos
–   The Patient Consultation
–   Aftercare & Side Effects
*NEW* Marketing to Tattoo Removal Patients
*NEW* Business Operations


Learn Laser Tattoo Removal with Opal TaskilaOpal Taskila, all-around laser guru and Astanza Laser Regional Sales Manager, will be teaching this course.  Opal has been with Astanza for several years, and she’s mastered our lasers inside and out.  She understands our students’ perspectives, and she usually knows the answers to their questions before they can think of them.

Opal has instructed several New Look Laser College courses over the years, and she’s also helped countless businesses begin their journey with laser tattoo removal.  With Opal’s help, those business have grown their practices into successful, profit-earning ventures!


June 29 – 30, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Radisson Blu Hotel in De Wallen

Rusland 17, 1012 CK
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Register before April 29, 2019 to save $300 on registration!  After April 29, registration costs will return to normal pricing. Registration will remain open until the course reaches capacity.

Register for Amsterdam

For questions regarding New Look Laser College, curriculum, lasers used, pricing, what to expect, please contact Justin Arnosky.

Justin Arnosky

VP of Clinical Education
Call: (281) 846-5890

New Look Laser College Miami/Ft. Lauderdale 2019 Location Announced

Miami Laser Tattoo Removal Training

New Look Laser College (NLLC) was established in 2007 to provide an in-depth tattoo removal training and business development experience for individuals interested in succeeding in this growing field. Over the past decade, we have trained thousands of tattoo removal practitioners from around the world and are now bringing this world-class laser tattoo removal training program to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale February 23 & 24, 2019.

The 2019 New Look Laser College Miami course will be taught at the beautiful Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina, set along the scenic Intracoastal Waterway featuring a 33-slip marina and water taxi stop. The Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina is located conveniently just minutes from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport.
Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina
1881 SE 17th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Register Today

The New Look Laser College course material has been refined over the years to provide comprehensive knowledge for practitioners. Our teaching style has an emphasis on the hands-on portion of the course, and we make sure that the physics and medical concepts are explained clearly for all.

Is this Class for You?
If you are interested in learning how to safely perform laser tattoo removal treatments, learn more about tattoo removal lasers, or start a laser tattoo removal business, YES!! … New Look Laser College is for you! We’ve trained plastic surgeons, dermatologists, vein specialists, nurses, entrepreneurs, and tattoo artists alike.  If you are looking to start a laser tattoo removal business or add tattoo removal to your existing practice, medspa, or tattoo shop we are the experts in developing successful laser tattoo removal businesses.

In Ft. Lauderdale or Miami and Want a Complimentary Tattoo Removal Treatment??
Occasionally, New Look Laser College has a need for model patients that we can use as part of our training program. We offer free treatments to these patients in exchange for the assistance they provide in helping us instruct our paying training clients. If you are in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and can come by on Saturday, February 23, 2019, please email a photograph of your tattoo, with a mention of how old it is, note the part of the body, as well as your skin type/ethnic background. Send your name, location (city/state), and a good contact phone number. Please email us at this email address ( if interested.

See you in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale in February! Register Today

2019 New Look Laser College Schedule Announced

laser tattoo schoolNew Look Laser College is excited to announce the first half of our 2019 course locations and dates. In 2018 we had a number of ‘firsts’ this year, including hosting courses at new locations including Miami and Las Vegas.

The demand for the new course locations in Miami and Las Vegas was met with such enthusiasm that we’ve decided to make these part of our 2019 course schedule. In addition to the popular Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Las Vegas courses, in 2019 New Look Laser College will also be taking our 2-day laser tattoo removal training courses to New York. We’ll also be returning to Amsterdam on April 6 & 7th to host one of our European training courses.

New Look Laser College covers a wide range of laser tattoo removal topics over a span of 2 days and we have heard feedback from some participants that want more in-depth training regarding marketing, business planning, and practice management. To accommodate those that are interested in this more in-depth training, we have added a few additional modules on business planning, goal setting, marketing, and more hands-on training. 

Registration for the courses during the first half of 2019 is now open and the cost of each New Look Laser College course is $1,295 per person. A discounted early registration cost of $995 will be available up to 8 weeks prior to a class before switching to full price. 

2019 New Look Laser College Schedule

February 08 & 09
Friday & Saturday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register

February 23 & 24
Saturday & Sunday
Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL
Click to Register

March 23 & 24
Saturday & Sunday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register

April 6 & 7
Saturday & Sunday
Europe – Amsterdam
Click to Register

April 26 & 27
Friday & Saturday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register 

May 18 & 19
Saturday & Sunday
New York, NY
Click to Register

June 15 & 16 
Saturday & Sunday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register 

June 29 & 30 
Saturday & Sunday
Click to Register

August 2 & 3 
Friday & Saturday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register 

September 21 & 22 
Saturday & Sunday
Dallas, TX
Click to Register 

October 19 & 20 
Saturday & Sunday
Click to Register 

November 1 & 2 
Friday & Saturday
Las Vegas, NV
Click to Register 

New Look Laser College provides valuable in-depth and hands-on instruction for students of all backgrounds including physicians, entrepreneurs, nurses, aestheticians, and tattoo artists. As the training division of Astanza Laser, we exclusively use Astanza Laser technology during all training courses. We invite individuals from all over the nation and world to join us at one of our 2019 courses.

To register for an upcoming course or to see the entire schedule, sign up here.

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Advanced Training Now Available for Students Who Want More Instruction on Business Operations, Marketing, and Patient Consultation

laser tattoo removal trainingAs the leading laser tattoo removal training school, it’s important for us to meet the needs of our students in addition to providing the necessary material needed to perform laser tattoo removal successfully. After each New Look Laser College class, we always ask our students to share feedback on how we can improve our course. One of the most popular requests we received over the years was to lengthen our 2-day course to cover topics like business operations, marketing, and patient consultation.

You spoke and we listened! New Look Laser College has developed new instruction to provide more hands-on training, in-depth business, and marketing material. This new material covers the following topics:

  • Business planning and individual business plan assessments
  • Practice management, software, and hiring
  • Advanced Marketing and Social Media
  • Additional hands-on clinical training
  • Consultation practice and role-playing

To see upcoming 2019 courses, click here. For more information about New Look Laser College, call (281) 846-5890, email or visit