Celebrate Nurses Week with New Look Laser College

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As Nurses Week unfolds from May 6th to May 12th, 2024, we’re excited to spotlight a few incredible nurses who use Astanza laser equipment that were recently featured in The Nursing Beat (TNB). Join us in recognizing their remarkable journeys of leveraging nursing expertise to thrive in the world of aesthetic laser services. Explore our featured clients below to learn more about tattoo removal training and starting your own aesthetic laser business. Celebrate Nurses Week with New Look Laser College! Continue reading for more.

From Nurse to Laser Tattoo Removal Entrepreneur: Laser Fresh Aesthetics

Meet Julie Zweifel, whose story epitomizes passion and perseverance. After years in the operating room, Julie craved a deeper connection with her patients. Enrolling in New Look Laser College, she gained expertise in laser tattoo removal and very soon after launched her own business, Laser Fresh Aesthetics. Julie’s journey inspires nurses to explore new career paths like laser tattoo removal and expand their horizons. After spending two years as a nurse in the operating room, Julie’s love for nursing led to a longing for a deeper connection with patients beyond the OR. Skilled nursing experience paired with laser tattoo removal certifications and a brand new aestethic business, Julie embarked on the mission of changing lives, together.

Dive into Julie’s inspiring journey as a nurse who started her own laser tattoo removal business here.


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The Path to Laser Tattoo Removal Business Ownership: Laser180

Discover Lexie Agostinone’s transition from ICU nurse to the founder of Laser180. Lexie dedicated 13 years to ICU nursing, but came across the idea to start her own aesthetic laser business and started exploring options. Recognizing a gap in her community, Lexie seized the opportunity to provide laser tattoo removal services. With her nursing background and entrepreneurial spirit, she now runs a successful family-owned business, making a meaningful impact in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Lexie, her sister Rena, and Laser180’s aesthetic laser business journey here.


Building a Thriving Aesthetic Laser Med Spa: InkAway

Explore the success story of InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal, led by Matt Russo and his lead laser technicians, Stephanie and Joann Sapp. By prioritizing client experience and fostering a culture of excellence, they’ve built a reputation for exceptional service and results.

Read about InkAway’s journey here.

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