Free Tattoo Removal and Toenail Fungus Treatment Offered to Model Patients

New Look Laser College – the world’s leading laser training program – occasionally has a need for model patients that we can use as part of our training program. We offer free treatments to these patients in exchange for the assistance they provide in helping us instruct our paying training clients. Please email us at this email address ( if interested.

Here’s what you need to know:

We’ve been offering our laser training program for almost 9 years, and offer the course to the general public every two months or more. The course is regularly scheduled in Dallas, Texas, with custom courses held all over the United States and the world.

An important part of the training is hands-on practice that we offer our training clients. Our clients include physicians, other healthcare professionals, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs that are looking to get involved in the cosmetic laser industry. We demonstrate the use of Q-switched lasers and give them practice using these devices, under our supervision.

We occasionally need additional model patients that will receive a free treatment in exchange for their participation. We normally have 10 to 15 model patients stop by for treatments each course. We don’t make a guarantee that we’ll be able to offer you an unlimited number of treatments, but model patients that are easy to work with are almost always invited back to receive additional free treatments, if needed at a future course. In most cases, your treatment will only take 5 to 15 minutes.

Patients Needed In These Categories:

Unwanted tattoos
Any color, any style tattoo. Homemade tattoos or tattoos applied at a tattoo shop are acceptable. We like to demonstrate the procedure on a wide range of model patients that vary by skin type, location of tattoo, location of tattoo, etc.

To remove a tattoo requires a series of treatments, with most homemade tattoos requiring 3 to 5 treatments and most professional tattoos requiring 3 to 12 treatments, depending on a number of factors. We’ll provide information before the treatment as well as complete aftercare instructions.

Toenail Fungus
Nail fungus most often appears on the toenails of the feet, but occasionally on the hands. Your nails may appear yellow, cracked, thickened, or brittle.

Laser nail fungus treatments are virtually pain-free. We’ll provide some instructions before your session as well as aftercare instructions.

How to Contact Us

The following information is requested when you contact us:

Tattoo: Please email a photograph of your tattoo, with a mention of how old it is, note the part of the body, as well as your skin type/ethnic background. Send your name, location (city/state), and a good contact phone number.

Nail fungus: Please email a photograph of your toes, describe how long you’ve had this condition. Also, mention any medication or cream/other treatment you are currently undergoing. Send your name, location (city/state), and a good contact phone number.

Please email us at this email address ( with the information requested if you are interested. We ask that you only contact us through this one email account because the other contact methods on this website are designed exclusively for training clients.

This is obviously a limited offer, and we will receive more offers than we can accept. We will maintain your privacy and won’t use your name or any identifying features without your consent.

Please do not fill out the web form on this page.