We’re always looking for young, attractive individuals pursuing aesthetic laser treatments to feature in our marketing and advertising content. These services are provided as compensation for your participation and signature on a photo release that allows us to videotape and distribute images via social media and other methods.

Note that the treatments may be performed in our Dallas office or at one of our New Look Laser College locations around the world including:

  • Dallas (All Treatments)
  • Orlando (Tattoo Removal and Permanent Make-Up Removal Only)
  • Ft. Lauderdale (Tattoo Removal and Permanent Make-Up Removal Only)
  • Las Vegas (Tattoo Removal and Permanent Make-Up Removal Only)

Here’s What You Need to Know:

We’ve been offering our laser training program for over 10 years, and offer the course to the general public every two months or more. The course is regularly scheduled in Dallas, Texas, with custom courses held all over the United States and the world.

An important part of the training is hands-on practice that we offer our training clients. Our clients include physicians, other healthcare professionals, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs that are looking to get involved in the cosmetic and aesthetic laser industry. We demonstrate the use of Q-switched lasers and give them practice using these devices, under our supervision.

We occasionally need additional model patients that will receive free treatment in exchange for their participation. We normally have 10 to 15 model patients stop by for treatments each course. We don’t make a guarantee that we’ll be able to offer you an unlimited number of treatments, but model patients that are easy to work with are almost always invited back to receive additional free treatments if needed at a future course. In most cases, your treatment will only take 5 to 15 minutes.

Patients Needed In These Categories:

Tattoo or Permanent Makeup Removal (All Locations) 

We treat all tattoos of any color and any style. Homemade tattoos or tattoos applied at a tattoo shop are acceptable. We like to demonstrate laser tattoo removal on a wide range of model patients that vary by skin type, tattoo location, tattoo colors, etc. We ask that all tattoo removal patients are local to the area, and able to commit to the full removal process, or until fading level for a cover-up is achieved (at which point we request a photograph of the resulting cover-up piece).

Laser tattoo removal requires a series of treatments, with most homemade tattoos requiring 3 to 5 treatments and most professional tattoos requiring 3 to 12 treatments, depending on a number of factors. We’ll provide information before the treatment as well as complete aftercare instructions.

We may also incorporate the use of additional technology to allow for multiple pass treatment methodologies, comparing side by side results of your tattoo through the process.

Tattoo removal treatments will be done by students and the staff at New Look Laser College.

Laser Skin Resurfacing (Dallas Only)

Laser skin resurfacing is intended to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and scar texture correction. Results can be seen in as few as a single treatment, and depending on the severity of the fine lines, we can perform different modalities, each with varying downtimes, anywhere from 3 to 4 days up to a week. The treated area may feel warm post-treatment. Makeup can be worn to conceal lingering redness.

Laser Skin Resurfacing is not taught at New Look Laser College and treatments will be performed by New Look Laser College experienced staff.

Photofacials/Vascular Lesions (Dallas Only) 

Signs of sun damage, freckles, café-au-lait, brown spots, or any form of redness or darkened skin can be corrected. Treatments are short and virtually painless, though may result in temporarily darkened blemishes before fading. Vascular lesions can also be treated and include spider veins/telangiectasia on the face, legs, and arms. The number of treatments needed may be as few as one and as many as four, depending on the severity of the blemishes.

Photofacials/Vascular Lesions is not taught at New Look Laser College and treatments will be performed by New Look Laser College experienced staff.

Hair Removal (Dallas Only) 

Laser hair removal treatments for all skin tones and hair textures focused on the back, chest, underarm, face/neck, and legs are acceptable areas for treatment. We do not offer any bikini area treatments. Hair removal treatments are performed every 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of the area treated, and for several treatment rounds. We ask that prior to the first session, the patient shaves the area they would like treated the day before treatment, and then refrains from shaving the area in the days leading up to the next session so before and after pictures can be used.

Hair removal is not taught at New Look Laser College and treatments will be performed by New Look Laser College experienced staff.

How to Contact Us

If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing, or photo facials, please fill out the form on this page and upload a picture of what you would like treated. 

Include details about the age of the tattoo, length of time you’ve had a blemish, or other clarifying details to let us know what you would like to accomplish. For hair removal, simply tell us the location of your body you would like to have treated. 

This is obviously a limited offer and we will receive more offers than we can accept. We will maintain your privacy and won’t use your name or any identifying features without your consent.