Toenail Fungus Laser Training Course

Many of our laser training students are interested in new ways of generating income like toenail fungus removal. For many tattoo removal is something they’ve thought about for several years and they’ve seen the industry grow faster and faster. They want to be trained in this procedure, but are often open to other cutting-edge procedures that can help them – with the same laser equipment in some cases – to expand their profits.

New Look Laser College started the world’s first training course focused on using lasers to treat toenail fungus to help healthcare professionals as well as entrepreneurs take advantage of this great new opportunity. The ways lasers work to kill the fungus responsible for discolored and brittle toenails is slightly different than how lasers shatter tattoo ink, but the concepts are definitely related – it involves “heating” the target in a very specific way.

A new part of our 2 day course is a review of these concepts, and an offer to help our training clients even more when combined with the acquisition of a new piece of laser equipment for this treatment.

New Look Laser College’s expert laser training staff will help you incorporate this new laser and procedure into your clinical operation in an on-site course at your office. The two-day course we offer includes everything your office will need to know, and include specific training for practitioners, patient care assistants, office staff, and marketing and office personnel.

During the training, we will provide complete instruction in the causes and nature of onychomycosis, detailed description of how lasers and skin interact, what your patients will experience from laser treatments for toenail fungus, and detailed aftercare instructions that will help your patients be fungus-free instead of plagued by this distressing condition. Check out our website for more information about toenail fungus removal.