R20 Tattoo Removal Method

R20 tattoo removalThe R20 tattoo removal method is a newly-researched technique that seeks to improve patient clinical outcomes by combining a series of laser treatments in a single patient visit. The key idea is that the ink in a tattoo can be shattered and flushed out of the body more effectively if a series of 4 treatments are performed back to back with 20 minutes between each treatment.

The current method (practiced by 99.9% of tattoo removal practitioners) has treatments spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart. The idea of the waiting is that the skin needs time to heal after q-switched laser treatment, and the immune system needs time to flush away the shattered ink. It is the combination of shattering ink and then the phagocyte/macrophage removal of ink that causes the tattoo to fade.

New Look Laser College can provide in-depth commentary on the benefits and disadvantages of the R20 tattoo removal method, as well as a presentation on alternative approaches and protocols that may offer improved clinical outcomes. We’ve been innovating in the field of laser tattoo removal for years and believe that the recent discussion about the R20 tattoo removal method is good for the industry.

During our laser tattoo removal training course, we’ll practice the R20 tattoo removal method upon request, using the Astanza Duality, and/or Astanza Revolution laser to perform R20 treatments.

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