Laser Tattoo Removal Overview

laser tattoo removal overviewLaser tattoo removal is one of the fastest growing cosmetic and aesthetic procedures in the United States. This procedure rose in popularity less than a decade ago due to advances in laser technology and the creation of a truly safe and effective method for removing tattoos. The Q-switched laser technology needed to remove tattoos has since become the primary solution for ridding the body of unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is steadily becoming an attractive business for entrepreneurs and add-on service for physicians, tattoo shops, and medical spas.

One of the greatest facts about this rising procedure is that there will always be ink to remove. Millions of tattoos are applied every single year, and that number continues to grow annually. With every new tattoo comes unavoidable tattoo regret; some 50% of North American’s with tattoos have expressed a desire to have one or more removed.

Common motivations for getting rid of a tattoo include: lifestyle changes, change in relationship, and job opportunities.

Removing a tattoo via laser can completely eliminate tattoo ink through a series of short laser treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart. The laser safely penetrates through the skin thanks to its ultra-quick pulse duration. The Q-switched laser used for each treatment is important for the overall success of removal. Laser systems utilize different wavelengths of light energy, and for tattoo removal, it is those wavelengths that selectively treat tattoo ink.

Since tattoos come in many different colors, it is important to use a laser capable of safely removing all ink colors. At New Look Laser College, we use industry-leading laser systems that can safely perform each tattoo removal treatment, from start to finish, so each training client can experience a quality removal process.