Who Can Attend New Look Laser College?

Trinity Laser TreatmentAnyone interested in entering the laser tattoo removal field is welcome to sign up for New Look Laser College’s laser tattoo removal school. We have trained hundreds of individuals all across the world including medical professionals, entrepreneurs, tattoo shop owners, and skin specialists. Below you can find a more in depth summary of the many types of people that can attend New Look Laser College. Everyone is welcome to attend the course, and the curriculum is designed to be both enlightening and accessible to people from all backgrounds

Medical Professionals (Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists)

Many New Look Laser College are medical professionals that want to add laser tattoo removal to their existing practice or medical spa. We’ve heard a lot of medical professionals share stories of patients asking if they offer laser tattoo removal at their practice or if they know a trusted tattoo removal clinic that offers the procedure. Many medical professionals attend New Look Laser College so that they can perform the in-demand procedure themselves and strengthen patient relations.


Entrepreneurs that attend New Look Laser College are interested in starting their own business. Many New Look Laser College entrepreneurs have gone on to create their own successful specialty tattoo removal clinics or medical spas. New Look Laser College was founded by a successful entrepreneur that started a chain of tattoo removal clinics. The course covers everything you need to know to start your own practice clinic—from the procedure to marketing to business operations.

Laser Technicians

Laser technicians have prior experience and knowledge with other laser procedures and tend to work for medical spas, laser centers, or dermatology or plastic surgery practices that offer a variety of medical laser procedures. Many laser technicians attend New Look Laser College to add laser tattoo removal to their skill set.

Tattoo Shop Owners

Tattoo shop owners witness hundreds of people experiencing tattoo regret. Many people go to tattoo shops and complain that a previous tattoo artist did bad work on them and ask how they could get it removed or covered up. Tattoo shop owners attend New Look Laser College to learn how to completely remove tattoos for clients or to lighten tattoos in preparation for a cover-up.

New Look Laser College is the Longest-Running Laser Tattoo Removal School

Before tattoo removal lasers existed, the options for removing unwanted ink were very limited and even considered dangerous. Due to the recent advancement in laser technology, millions of people living with tattoo regret are actively seeking laser tattoo removal treatment all over the world.

The rapid growth of laser tattoo removal has caught the attention of medical professionals, skin specialists, and entrepreneurs everywhere. New Look Laser College was created with the sole purpose of helping individuals receive proper education on how to join, thrive, and succeed in this widespread, in-demand field.

New Look Laser College is the longest-running laser tattoo removal school in the world. Founded in 2007, New Look Laser College has trained and educated thousands of individuals and helped numerous practitioners build flourishing careers in laser tattoo removal. Our early establishment and years of teaching makes us the most experienced, most knowledgeable, and most trusted laser tattoo removal school. Originally founded in the United States, we are an international training school and have taught courses in dozens of countries and six continents all over the world.

At New Look Laser College, we’ve refined our course material over the years to provide the most comprehensive knowledge in the span of just two days—including didactic training and hands-on training—at incredible value. Our course covers everything from laser physics to patient consultation to effective practice marketing.

New Look Laser College is the best laser tattoo removal school in the industry and is the perfect place for anyone looking to tap into this in-demand field. We are the leaders and experts of laser tattoo removal and are excited to share our knowledge with you.

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Spring and Summer 2015 NLLC Laser Tattoo Removal Training Courses | Next Available Course April 11-12

Hands-On Laser LearningTattoo removal is a rapidly growing and in-demand industry that gains more attention every year. If you’re interested in a tattoo removal career or business, attend one of our upcoming New Look Laser College (NLLC) training courses and learn how to get started!

New Look Laser College is the world’s first training program dedicated solely to tattoo removal. Our trainers have taught countless medical professionals, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs and are considered experts in the field of tattoo removal.

The NLLC course material covers everything from laser physics, the tattoo removal procedure, laser safety training, tattoo assessment, to business operations, and much more. In addition to didactic training, all NLLC training clients will receive hands-on experience with our Q-switched lasers and get to perform treatments on a variety of real patients.

Our next available course is less than a month away — Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and register today.

Spring Courses

APRIL 11-12, 2015 | Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 5 pm daily | Houston, TX

MAY 23-24, 2015 | Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 5 pm daily | Houston, TX

Summer Courses

JULY 11-12, 2015| Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 5 pm daily | Houston, TX

AUGUST 22-23, 2015| Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 5 pm daily | Houston, TX

New Look Laser College is just $995, a small investment compared to the return you’ll be making once you get your tattoo removal business up and running. To register for the April NLLC or any of the upcoming North America tattoo removal training courses, please visit newlooklasercollege.com/Registration or call (281) 846-5890.

Portugal Tattoo Removal Training Course

Treatment 8 webUp to 50% of individuals with tattoos want at least some of their ink removed. Even Américo Figueiredo, president of the Portuguese Dermatological Society has said the number of people seeking tattoo removals is growing and will continue to increase in the next few years.

New Look Laser College is holding courses in Portugal to train individuals interested in this profitable and ever-growing industry.

Our Trainers

New Look Laser College is the world’s first training program dedicated to tattoo removal. Our trainers have trained more tattoo removal practitioners than any other training program in the world, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, tattoo artists, physicians, and non-medical entrepreneurs.

The NLLC founders are experienced tattoo removal practitioners and leading experts in the tattoo removal industry. After seeing the success of their chain of tattoo removal clinics, they established NLLC to share their experience and knowledge with others.

New Look Laser College Training

The NLLC Portugal course is a two-day comprehensive training class that offers both didactic and hands-on training practice. Training clients will be able to assess real patients and volunteers and practice firing a laser. Upon completion of the course, each training client will obtain three certifications: Certified Laser Specialist (CLS), Laser Safety Officer (LSO), and Advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser Training.

The course will cover:

  • Laser safety
  • Laser physics
  • Client protocol
  • Regulations
  • Business operations
  • Marketing tips
  • Plus lots of hands on practice

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Tattoo Removal Training in Norway

BTR pr imageIn Lørenskog, Norway, 18-year-old Stian Ytterdahl was convinced by his friends to get a McDonald’s Receipt tattooed onto his arm. There are no age laws in Norway when it comes to getting a tattoo. That being said, many individuals that get tattoos at a young age come to regret their decision in later years.

The tattoo removal industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. New Look Laser College, the world’s first training program devoted to tattoo removal, is offering courses in Norway to teach you everything you need to know about tattoo removal.

Profitable Market

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, tattoo artist, dermatologist, or physician, the tattoo removal industry is profitable for anyone from any background. Norway has many tattoo shops but very few tattoo removal clinics, making the tattoo removal market highly in-demand and extremely profitable for those seriously interested in the tattoo removal field.

Due to the small amount of providers and competition, Norway practitioners would be able to charge a premium for their time and succeed with this aesthetic procedure.

Training Course

New Look Laser College is a 2-day training course that offers didactic training that covers laser physics, laser safety, procedure pricing, clinic regulations, marketing and business operations, and much more.

NLLC also provides interactive hands-on practice for all training clients. Clients will be able to practice on actual patients with Astanza’s state-of-the-art Q-switched lasers and gain real tattoo removal experience.

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Poland Laser Tattoo Removal Training

fullframe treatment w_ dualityLaser tattoo removal is one of the most popular and profitable aesthetic procedures, featuring continued growth.

New Look Laser College is holding intensive tattoo removal training courses in Poland and other areas in Europe to help practitioners thrive in this rapidly growing industry.

About Laser Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal business has grown in proportion to the rising popularity of tattoos and is becoming the hottest field in aesthetics as more tattooed individuals regret their inked skin. Today’s advanced laser technology provides a solution for those living with unwanted ink.

Laser tattoo removal works by emitting light energy into the skin and shattering the tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments. The body’s immune system then naturally flushes out the smaller fragments until the tattoo can no longer be seen. Tattoo removal lasers produce different wavelengths of light and each wavelength corresponds to a certain range of tattoo ink colors.

Course Curriculum

At New Look Laser College, training clients are given both didactic training and hands-on practice over the course of 2 days. Our trainers have the most experience in the tattoo removal field and have trained hundreds of tattoo removal practitioners, from entrepreneurs to dermatologists to physicians and tattoo artists.

The NLLC course covers a variety of tattoo removal topics:

  • Laser physics
  • Laser safety
  • Patient care and processing
  • Clinic operation
  • Tattoo assessment
  • Effective Marketing
  • Hands-on experience

If you are interested in adding laser tattoo removal to your medical practice, wish to set up a tattoo removal business, or want to offer laser tattoo removal at your tattoo shop, sign up for our New Look Laser College Poland course and we’ll give you all you need to succeed in the laser tattoo removal field.

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Tattoo Removal Training in Russia

Treatment 16 webEveryone has past experiences they would like to erase, and for many that includes body ink. As more and more people in Russia experience tattoo regret, the need for tattoo removal will continue to rise.

New Look Laser College is now holding tattoo removal training courses in Russia and Europe to help you learn all there is to know about this growing field.

The Tattoo Removal Market

Tattoo removal is one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most profitable procedures in the cosmetic industry today. Millions of people around the world get tattoos as a form of expression. However, 17% to 50% of tattoo owners experience tattoo regret and look for ways to erase what they once thought was a good idea.

Most tattoo removal patients are concerned about their appearance, making the tattoo removal industry accessible to all kinds of practitioners—from plastic surgeons to dermatologists to tattoo artists and even entrepreneurs. The number of people getting a tattoo rises annually, and each person that gets a tattoo becomes a potential tattoo removal patient.

The Course

New Look Laser College is the world’s first training program devoted to laser tattoo removal. The course was established in 2007 by successful tattoo removal clinic owners in the United States. They have since spread out to teach internationally all over Europe, including Russia, and Asia.

The 2-day training course is taught by the leading experts in tattoo removal and covers material such as laser physics, laser safety, patient protocol, and business and marketing tips to help make your practice stand out from the competition.

NLLC training clients attending the course in Russia will also be given hands-on training experience in addition to the NLLC didactic material. Being able to work with the lasers will give you the confidence you need to successfully enter the tattoo removal industry and profit with this in-demand procedure.

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Switzerland Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Hands-On Laser LearningLaser tattoo removal has become one of the fastest growing areas in the cosmetic industry. While millions of people worldwide are proud owners of their tattoos, there are also millions suffering from “tattoo regret”.

You can now learn tattoo removal in Switzerland from the world’s leading experts in tattoo removal and help the millions of people living with tattoo regret.

About Tattoo Removal

Today’s Q-switch laser technology is at the height of its game and offers the most effective way to remove unwanted ink without scarring. Q-switching is a technique that creates short, powerful laser pulses and is proven to be extremely useful for laser tattoo removal by only destroying tattoo inks and not the surrounding skin tissue.

During a laser tattoo removal procedure, a laser emits short pulses of light energy into the skin. The tattoo ink particles absorb the energy and shatter into smaller particles. The tiny particles are then naturally flushed away by the body’s immune system.

In-Depth Curriculum

At the New Look Laser College Switzerland course, our tattoo removal experts will teach you the ins and outs of the industry. After working with and training hundreds of physicians, medical professionals, tattoo artists, and entrepreneurs from across the world, we’ve seen first hand how successful and profitable laser tattoo removal can be in a wide variety of markets.

The course is 2-days in duration and covers both didactic training along with hands-on practice to give you experience working with lasers. We provide an in-depth overview of the industry, laser technology, tattoo removal procedure, procedure pricing, and much more.

While other training courses briefly touch on laser tattoo removal, NLLC focuses primarily on tattoo removal and even includes valuable advice on business operations and online marketing assistance. We provide all of the knowledge you need to feel confident in providing tattoo removal services to patients in your area.

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Netherlands Tattoo Removal Training

P1020086In 2011, approximately 6% of the general Netherlands population had at least 1 tattoo. Since then the number of people living with tattoos (and tattoo regret) has grown exponentially.

New Look Laser College is holding a course in the Netherlands to help practitioners become experts in laser tattoo removal and tap into the growing demand for these services.

The Leaders in Tattoo Removal Training

New Look Laser College (NLLC) is the world’s first training program focused on tattoo removal. It is a 2-day training course that provides everything a practitioner needs to know to safely perform laser tattoo removal.

Established in 2007, NLLC has trained more tattoo removal practitioners than any other laser training course in the world. After seeing successful results in North America, NLLC founders decided it was time to train internationally. Training courses have been held in various locations throughout Europe and in Asia.

All About the Course

Our New Look Laser College instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the tattoo industry and have trained a wide variety of practitioners, from plastic surgeons and dermatologists to non-medical entrepreneurs and tattoo artists.

The course material is easy to understand and has developed over the years in order to meet the needs of each practitioner. The course features an informative didactic section in addition to hands-on practice, allowing each practitioner to experience working with Q-switched laser technology.

The Netherlands NLLC course features:

  • Understanding Tattoo Removal
  • Laser Physics
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Laser Safety Training
  • Business Operations and Marketing
  • Tattoo Assessment
  • Hands-On Practice Removing Tattoos

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Tattoo Removal Training in Sweden

Laser Tattoo Removal with Astanza RevolutionSweden is home to more tattoo shops than almost any other country in the world. However, the number of tattoo removal practices is few – meaning there is huge opportunity for you to profit with this revolutionary procedure.

New Look Laser College is the world’s leading tattoo removal training program and can give you the tools you need to be successful in the tattoo removal industry.

About New Look Laser College

The New Look Laser College founders established NLLC in 2007 after owning a chain of successful tattoo removal clinics in the U.S. They are leading experts in the tattoo removal industry and have trained practitioners from all over the world.

NLLC was created in order to provide in-depth tattoo removal training for individuals interested in this rapidly growing field. Due to the high volume of tattoo shops in Sweden, our NLLC instructors know that there is extreme potential for success for tattoo removal practitioners in this area.

The Course Material

The New Look Laser College Sweden course is a 2-day training course that covers an array of material focused on the safe and practical application of tattoo removal.

The course includes both didactic training and hands-on experience to give you both the knowledge and practice for growing in this industry. Our expert trainers have taught more tattoo removal practitioners worldwide than any other tattoo removal team and have designed the course to fit the needs of people from all backgrounds.

The curriculum covers everything you need to know from assessing and safely removing tattoos, treating and interacting with patients, and how to apply effective marketing and advertising to your business.

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