Free eBook: Complete Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Complete Guide to NLLC Laser Tattoo Removal Training
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We get many questions from prospective students at New Look Laser College about what is covered in the class. The most popular questions are; what laser tattoo removal certificates are earned and tattoo removal regulations. We put together this easy-to-read eBook that details the answers to most of these questions about laser tattoo removal training. 

Have questions about laser tattoo removal training?

Have questions about laser tattoo removal training with New Look Laser College? We have the answers! We crafted this ebook to help potential students better understand what to expect when they attend our training course.If you already know that you want to get started with laser tattoo removal training you can see our entire schedule of courses and get signed up by clicking here or on the link below:

What you’ll learn with this ebook:

  • Who is this course for?
  • Curriculum
  • Who can perform tattoo removal?
  • Certifications you’ll earn through NLLC
  • Using the DESCRIBE PFD Patch
  • The business of laser tattoo removal
  • Answering FAQs and more!

Click here or on the image below to download your own copy. 
Complete Guide to NLLC Laser Tattoo Removal Training













New Look Laser College is the training division of Astanza Laser, and the premier training experience for those interested in growing their career with laser tattoo removal.  NLLC is the first laser training course to exclusively focus on tattoo removal, and we pride ourselves on offering extensive hands-on laser practice and a comprehensive didactic section.  Our course instructors industry experts committed to helping each student grow in their technical skills, but also with their business development goals. 

To learn more about our training course, view the on-demand webinar: Answer NLLC FAQs. This webinar was previously recorded and is free to view. Click here to view the webinar.