Ever considered offering laser tattoo removal as a service at your exiting tattoo business?

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Many of New Look Laser College’s students come from within the tattoo industry. Laser tattoo removal is a service in high demand all across America, and many people seeking laser tattoo correction, fading, or removal would like the familiarity and expertise that only a tattoo artist can provide.

Many tattoo artists and shop owners found that New Look Laser College provided them with not only clinical laser training, but also an opportunity to offer a dynamic range of services to their clients. As specialist in the application and removal of tattoos, your business will play a key role in all arenas of the tattoo industry, from creation, to correction, to cover-up.

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For a list of scheduled classes check here. To register please visit us here.

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If you’re interested in attending a course or want to become certified in laser tattoo removal, call (281) 846-5890 or contact us at info@newlooklasercollege.com.

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