Hands-On Training for Laser Tattoo Removal

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Have you ever tried to learn some practical skill and only gotten the book version of it? Sailing without getting out on the lake, tying a pair of shoelaces without a pair of shoes to work with, etc…. Medical training just doesn’t work without hands-on practice – whether the speciality is laser tattoo removal, plastic surgery, or checking a patient for influenza.

Laser tattoo removal training must include a substantial hands-on element to truly instruct future practitioners in the art and science of the procedure. A lecture on laser physics without the ability to assess skin type or how close or far to position the laser to skin doesn’t meet your patient’s need to remove an unwanted tattoo. Even if the lecture provides a sense of what settings to use on a tattoo removal laser, would you feel confident flying an airplane solo because you didn’t crash when playing the flight simulator the night before on your laptop?

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New Look Laser College emphasizes the practical size of laser tattoo removal training. We offer students the opportunity to practice their skills under close supervision by experts in the field. We’ll provide a firm grounding on laser physics, analysis of skin type, and a whole range of other classroom topics. But we’ll spend most of your time doing real-life laser tattoo removal procedures so you’ll know what to expect when you get in front of patients of your very own.

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