Surgeon Dr. Norman N. Bein Uses the Astanza Trinity Laser for Treatment of Unwanted Tattoos and Pigmented Lesions

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Trinity Laser TreatmentST. LOUIS, Oct. 3, 2013/PRNewswire/ — St. Louis vein surgeon, Dr. Norman N. Bein, has been performing laser tattoo removal at his practice since 2009, and producing great removal results for tattoos and more with the Astanza Trinity laser system since 2011. Dr. Bein is dedicated to improving patients’ vascular and skin issues, allowing them to be more confident and comfortable.

Adding the Trinity’s versatile laser technology to his existing practice, Vein Specialties, Dr. Bein has the ability to non-invasively treat a variety of pigmentation issues as well as completely eliminate tattoos from appearance. Dr. Bein’s choosing of the Astanza Trinity system follows many decades of medical research, technology studies, and an unending desire to minimize patient downtime using the most advanced medical technology available.

Tattoo removal at Dr. Bein’s St. Louis clinic has been branded Clean Slate Tattoo Removal, but is completely in sync with his surgical practice, Vein Specialties. Dr. Bein and his staff are tremendously experienced with each procedure performed by the Astanza Trinity laser system, and have been expertly trained by the Q-switched laser experts of New Look Laser College.

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