Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are the most commonly asked about the NLLC course. If you’re wondering about something else, we’re happy to respond to your questions – please feel free to contact us directly at 281-846-5890 or fill out the form on this screen.

Treatment 16 web1) Does NLLC specialize in tattoo removal training ?

New Look Laser College is the first laser training college to exclusively offer training in laser tattoo removal. We have been specializing in teaching tattoo removal since 2007.

Our background as expert providers of laser tattoo removal procedures in our own clinic operation has led us to want to share our knowledge of the procedure to others looking to enter the field. Our laser-focus on this one area of instruction helps you get the very best – you can ask detailed questions and we’ll have the answers.

2) What does the course cover?

New Look Laser College’s Harvard-educated staff provides laser training clients with everything they’ll need to know to safely and effectively perform laser tattoo removal – plus earn profits with this procedure.

By the end of our course you’ll have learned everything you need to know about tattoos, how lasers work, how tattoos and lasers interact with the skin, how the skin heals and changes, the types of lasers and equipment used for tattoo removal, how to interact with real patients, how much to charge for tattoo removal procedure, how to answer common and uncommon patients questions, what colors and types of ink are easy or difficult to remove, and hundreds of other things.

We also have a special section on effectively marketing laser tattoo removal – to help bring patients in your door.

3) Are the instructors experts in laser tattoo removal?

New Look Laser College’s staff includes medical professionals, certified laser specialists, and business leaders. We have completed thousands of laser tattoo removal procedures and trained hundreds of laser specialists. The NLLC Director is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the US in the medical clinic field, having set up several multi-million dollar chains.

4) Is your course long enough to teach me everything that I need to know?

The length of a course – by itself – is a very poor indication of the amount of learning that will be achieved. You probably remember taking semester-long courses from high school or college that were lengthy but completely forgettable years after the fact.

New Look Laser College’s two-day course is designed for people who are motivated to learn about a fast-growing and exciting new field. Laser tattoo removal is a straightforward aesthetic procedure to perform, and we fit an extensive amount of material in a two-day period. We make sure that all NLLC training clients feel comfortable and confident with the procedure by the end of the course.

Practice5 RS cropped5) Will I get enough hands-on training?

Hands-on laser training is one of the most important criteria you should be evaluating when considering which laser training program to attend. New Look Laser College is regarded as the leader in offering the most hands-on training of any laser college. Our belief is that hours upon hours of classroom teaching, unless combined with real, practical experience with the laser, is not sufficient for learning the procedure. At NLLC, we cap our class sizes to ensure everyone gets quality time with the laser.

6) Where is the course?

NLLC is based in Dallas, so our United States courses are held at our Downtown Dallas area headquarters, located at 1810 South Akard St, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75215. We also typically schedule courses in Europe a couple times each year – those course are usually held at conference centers in London, Copenhagen, or Amsterdam.

7) How much does the course cost?

NLLC course tuition for our Dallas location is $995. That cost is all-inclusive for course materials, certificates, and lunch each day. Training clients must arrange their own travel and accommodations, but our staff can make recommendations if you call us and ask.

8) Can I perform laser tattoo removal?

Regulations vary by state regarding who can operate a laser for tattoo removal treatments. In many states, non-medical practitioners can perform laser tattoo removal as long as they are supervised by or delegated authority by a physician serving as “medical director” of the clinic.

New Look Laser College help in establishing a relationship with a medical director and provides templates that our laser training students can use to set up this relationship. For more information, visit our Who Can Perform Tattoo Removal page.

9) Can you come to my location and train my staff?

Yes, we also offer courses around the world to clients that desire tattoo removal training at their office location for their staff. The cost for a custom course is $4,995 in most cases, and we will train up to five people as part of your group.

The only requirement for an on-site course is that a laser be available. We can provide one for an extra cost, or we can use yours. We’ve trained clients on virtually every system on the market, and can provide training to existing practices seeking to get more out of their current system.

NLLC Sept 2013 Edited9) Why should I choose NLLC?

New Look Laser College was the first laser training program dedicated to teaching laser tattoo removal, and we have trained hundreds of practitioners since our founding in 2007. We have trained more people – and helped more profit from laser tattoo removal – than any other tattoo removal training course.

Our course material has been refined over the years to provide the information that’s at the cutting edge

10) How do I register for the course?

We’ve made it easy for you to register online and pay securely with PayPal. Just CLICK HERE to get started.

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