Investing in Advanced Laser Devices with Multiple Treatment Capabilities

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In an industry with several aesthetic laser device choices, it can be hard to figure out which one is best suited for your medical aesthetics practice or laser business. There is also the dilemma of figuring out which device to invest in because you want to be able to deliver the best results. This is where devices with multiple treatment capabilities come in. There are a few key factors to consider when looking to invest in laser devices with multiple capabilities. Continue reading this blog to learn more about each of these components and how you can expand your aesthetic laser business by investing in the best multimodal laser technology.

Aesthetic Laser Devices with Multiple Applications

Many multimodal aesthetic laser devices have been manufactured in the past but have fallen a bit short of expectation. Manufacturers have made claims such as “it can do everything from A to Z”, but have sacrificed quality, efficacy, and power, all for the sake of being able to state it can treat every cosmetic dermatological indication under the sun. While the devices were FDA-cleared to perform these procedures, it would take quite a long time to see results because power and efficacy were sacrificed for convenience. 

Patient satisfaction decreases when anticipated results don’t happen, which can lead to distrust in your aesthetic laser business. As laser tattoo removal technology and laser hair removal devices have advanced, these aesthetic laser machines are now more efficient and safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types – with the addition of other cosmetic laser procedural capabilities, too.

Ablative, Non-Ablative, and Fractional Laser Procedures

Ablative laser procedures impact the outer layer of skin while non-ablative laser procedures only affect the lower layer of skin without damaging it. Ablative laser procedures are great for treating visible signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, acne scarring and cosmetic pigmentation concerns. Non-ablative laser procedures require less downtime and are a great choice to treat fine lines and smaller cosmetic skin imperfections. 

Lasers that provide ablative, non-ablative, and fractional treatment applications are a great way for laser practitioners and aesthetic laser business owners to increase profits by increasing their services, all from one aesthetic laser device. Some advanced laser machines also offer fractional laser services, typically by utilizing an additional handpiece specifically designed for fractional cosmetic laser procedures. 

Investing in the Right Aesthetic Laser Device for your Business

Needs, timeline, target demographic, and budget are common factors that are absolutely taken into consideration when investing in equipment for any business; finding the best laser device for your aesthetic business is no different. FDA-clearance is also a key factor to include in your research and laser business planning stages. FDA-clearance matters when you’re researching various laser machines. Lasers are considered medical equipment and therefore require FDA-clearance. Investing in FDA-cleared, medical-grade lasers will ensure you’re providing safe and reliable aesthetic laser services.

Also taking into consideration the power and technology of the machine is crucial to making the best investment possible. Even having a better understanding of the difference between picosecond and nanosecond technology, diode vs. IPL, or Erbium:YAG vs. C02 lasers, will be helpful when determining which aesthetic laser device is right for your laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal clinic.

For example, choosing a tattoo removal laser device that also can provide pigmented lesion removal, cosmetic pigmentation correction and other aesthetic offerings is a great way to expand your business and provide multiple cosmetic laser services – ultimately increasing client satisfaction and profits. 

The Astanza Trinity is a powerful nanosecond laser that provides full-color spectrum tattoo removal by combining Q-switched, Nd:YAG and ruby lasers. The Trinity, an FDA-cleared, technologically-advanced aesthetic laser device, is capable of treating fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots (age spots), scarring, stretch marks, diffuse hyperpigmentation (such as melasma) and more. Additionally, one of the five available handpieces is a fractional handpiece and can be used in Q-switched mode, making it safe and effective for ALL Fitzpatrick skin types. Believe it or not, that’s not all. This technologically-advanced aesthetic laser device is capable of treating fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots (age spots), scarring, stretch marks, diffuse hyperpigmentation (such as melasma) and more! Additionally, one of the 5 available handpieces is fractional and can be used in Q-switched mode, making it safe and effective for ALL skin types. 

Another example of an advanced laser device with multiple capabilities is the Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza. The MeDioStar® is a diode laser hair removal device that has an additional vascular handpiece available, providing the ability to remove benign vascular abnormalities and pigmentation concerns such as spider veins, cherry angiomas, and more. The MeDioStar® also has the largest treatment spot size available on the market with its XL handpiece measuring at 10cm2; making large area hair removal procedures extremely fast. 

Watch the Latest Clinical Education Series Webinar

Tune into an informational webinar co-hosted by New Look Laser College and Astanza Laser, titled, “Investing in Advanced Laser Devices with Multiple Treatment Capabilities”, to learn more about the information in this article straight from the experts. This webinar is part of our Clinical Education Series, guidance designed with laser practitioners in mind.

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investing in advanced laser devices with multiple treatment capabilities webinar hosted by astanza laser and new look laser college

Learn more about tattoo removal laser devices, hair removal laser devices, and other aesthetic lasers that provide several types of cosmetic laser procedures by viewing the webinar. Investing in aesthetic lasers that have more than one capability for cosmetic laser treatments maximizes client satisfaction and the profitability of your aesthetic laser business.

With so many customizable treatment options, your aesthetic laser service offerings can be as unique as your patients and their skin concerns. The demand for personalized skin treatments in the medical aesthetics industry has been steadily increasing, and it would greatly benefit your aesthetic laser business to invest in an advanced, powerful, reliable, and convenient aesthetic laser device.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing technology and the benefits of adding a device with multiple treatment capabilities, register for our upcoming webinar, Investing in Advanced Laser Devices with Multiple Treatment Capabilities, and contact us today with any questions.

– written by: Krystal Haney