New Look Laser College’s Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course Featured on Astanza Tattoo Removal News  

See New Look Laser College's elite laser tattoo removal training course featured on Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal News! Read more and view the episode in this article.

Investing in Advanced Laser Devices with Multiple Treatment Capabilities

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Learn how you can expand your aesthetic laser business by investing in the best FDA-cleared, medical-grade multimodal laser technology.

Save on Laser Tattoo Removal Training Certifications this Summer – Sale Ends June 30, 2023

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This summer, we invite you to join us at our Dallas headquarters to start your journey toward getting Tattoo Removal Training Certifications, becoming a certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist, and launching your own business. Plus, we…

Laser Tattoo Removal News – Season 2 Episode 4

Get ready for an exciting new episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News that delves into the world of laser tattoo removal. This show is a valuable resource for laser tattoo removal professionals, providing success stories from clients, new webinar…
laser tattoo removal industry podcast

A Laser Tattoo Removal Industry Podcast for Startups

Are you interested in starting or expanding your knowledge in the aesthetic industry with a focus on laser tattoo removal? Look no further than Astanza Tattoo Removal News! You can stay ahead of the game by tuning into the world's first podcast…
entrepreneur's guide to a laser tattoo removal device

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Choosing the Best Tattoo Removal Laser

At New Look Laser College, we collaborate with clients from various fields, including tattoo artists, physicians, estheticians, and experienced laser technicians. However, our typical clients are entrepreneurs who aspire to quit their regular…
clinical education webinar series by astanza laser and new look laser college provides strategies for aesthetic laser businesses and practitioners

Introducing: The Clinical Education Webinar Series

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Dive into the Clinical Education Series to learn applicable methods for increasing client satisfaction and laser business profitability.
what to expect when attending new look laser college's tattoo removal certification and training program

What to Expect when Attending New Look Laser College

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Learn more about New Look Laser College's elite tattoo removal training and why you should get certified by the experts in the laser tattoo removal and laser training industry!
picosecond vs nanosecond technology

The Difference Between Picosecond and Nanosecond Technology

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Laser tattoo removal is a popular business, and the need for removing and fading tattoos continues to grow. As a result, so do the advancements in laser technology. However, the evolution of laser tattoo removal technology can be confusing.…
new look laser college tattoo removal training

Tattoo Removal Training Highlights with New Look Laser College

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Now’s the time to prioritize your future. Getting certified in laser tattoo removal is the first step to take to start your tattoo removal businesses. Check out NLLC's 2022 Year in Review!