Debunking Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

Debunking Laser Tattoo Removal Myths
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Have you ever wondered what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to laser tattoo removal? With old myths still around, it can be hard to distinguish which ones are true vs. misleading. Educating yourself on these myths can be the easiest way to ease your mind when considering laser tattoo removal. Keep reading to find out the truth about laser tattoo removal.

Myth #1: Black ink is impossible to remove.

FALSE: Of all the colors, black ink responds best to laser light and absorbs all wavelengths. Contrary to popular belief, black ink is one of the easiest colors to remove. It also has fewer additives, which can make the removal of some colors difficult. Compared to black ink, colorful tattoos are harder to remove and require unique wavelengths and more treatment sessions.

Myth #2: Removing tattoos will leave a scar or burn your skin.

FALSE: The chance of scarring from laser tattoo removal is slim to none. Thanks to advanced laser technology, wavelengths of light energy safely penetrate through the top layers of skin and specifically target the ink pigment from your tattoo without harming any surrounding skin tissue. Astanza lasers provide precise treatment and only target the ink from your tattoo. It is essential to seek treatment from a trained professional to ensure the use of proper protocols. Following proper aftercare instructions is also crucial to ensure scarring does not occur. Many patients experience blistering or scabbing after treatment. These side effects are completely normal reactions to laser tattoo removal and should be expected for some patients. As long as patients allow scabs and blisters to heal naturally, they will achieve great results. Picking or popping blisters and scabs can cause infection and can lead to unwanted scarring – not from the laser tattoo removal procedure itself.

Myth #3: Tattoo removal creams work just as good as lasers.

FALSE: While the simple concept of spreading cream over a tattoo to remove it sounds convenient, unfortunately, this is not the case. No tattoo removal cream is as effective as lasers – it’s just not possible. Tattoo ink resides deep within the skin’s dermis layer. Unlike lasers, creams cannot and do not penetrate the skin deep enough to reach the ink of a tattoo. Tattoo removal creams use bleach or peel away the top layer of skin to create a fading effect, but will never altogether remove a tattoo. These creams use false marketing and are dangerous, expensive, and ineffective. Most importantly, they can cause severe damage to the skin, including unwanted scarring and burning.

Myth #4: All tattoos are easy to remove.

FALSE: Tattoos are like snowflakes; they’re all designed differently and have various factors that make it unique, including the person wearing the tattoo. Some tattoos require more sessions due to the complexity of their design and the colors used. For example, bright green and blue pigments are more challenging to remove because they only absorb a unique ruby wavelength. Different wavelengths of lasers target specific groups of colors. If a tattoo removal provider doesn’t have the necessary wavelengths to treat your tattoo’s colors, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Laser providers that want to treat all tattoo colors usually end up using two different lasers to support multiple wavelengths and provide complete removal on multicolored tattoos. The Astanza Trinity consists of two standalone lasers that can remove all colors of ink safely from all skin types.

All these myths about laser tattoo removal are false. It is so important to make sure you are properly educating yourself on this topic before receiving or giving treatment.

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