Helping Start Your Laser Tattoo Removal Business

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Several years ago when designing the New Look Laser College courses, we didn’t want the courses to be focused exclusively on just hands-on laser tattoo removal.  The reason for this is that a number of people come to us for more than just learning about how to use our lasers for tattoo removal.  What they really wanted to learn about is how to successfully start a laser tattoo removal business.  

Over the years we have seen that many of our students are just as interested in what we have to offer in terms of successfully starting a laser tattoo removal business or adding laser tattoo removal to an existing business as they are in the hands-on laser tattoo removal training. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time teaching New Look Laser College attendees not just how to use a laser for tattoo removal but how to promote their laser tattoo business through the use of websites, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, PR and other marketing strategies and tactics.

During the 2-day class, we spend almost half a day discussing clinic operations, treating patients and learning about how to effectively market your laser tattoo removal business.

Many attendees that come to the New Look Laser College already have a successful practice as a tattoo artist, tattoo shop owner or as a healthcare practitioner with a built-in client base.  So for them, adding laser tattoo removal to their current practice is simply an extension that’s similar to what they are currently doing.  However, even though laser tattoo removal may be similar to what they are doing already, there are some intricacies in terms of how to price and market laser tattoo removal that we specifically address in class.

Example Business & Operations Marketing Section
Business Operations & Marketing

  • Overview of different business models (in a medical practice, as an add-on procedure, as a stand-alone specialty clinic, within a tattoo shop, mobile clinic), pricing models.
  • Over the years, New Look Laser College has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and tattoo artists in laser tattoo removal. We’ve developed a reputation for being the most practical and comprehensive course to assist our clients in either setting up a new business or adding laser tattoo removal to an existing practice.
  • Profitability, etc. – what revenue you can expect to make, what your costs will be, office space, medical director, paperwork, insurance.

To learn more about an upcoming New Look Laser College course in your area or to get information on starting your own Laser Tattoo Removal business, visit us at New Look Laser College.