Is This Course Right For Me? Tattoo Removal Training Questions Answered During Informative Webinar!

New Look Laser College Webinar
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At New Look Laser College, we get the opportunity to train folks with different professional backgrounds and levels of laser experience. We’re often asked: “Is this course right for me?” because potential students are unsure of what prerequisites (if any) we require and whether or not their current profession qualifies them for attending training. Keep reading for your answer, and join us for an exclusive webinar where we’ll answer your laser training FAQs!  

There are no required prerequisites for attending one of New Look Laser College’s tattoo removal training courses. While we approach laser tattoo removal as a medical procedure (for the sake of patient safety, comfort, and adherence to proper techniques and protocols by practitioners), students do not need a medical background or prior experience with aesthetic lasers to become certified through this course.

Students learn all the relevant and necessary information for performing safe and effective laser tattoo removal during our two-day courses. During New Look Laser College, we train students on laser safety, physics, consultations, side effects, aftercare, marketing/operating their tattoo removal business, and more. We also place a special emphasis on hands-on laser training with real tattoo removal patients, ensuring each student gets plenty of practice with the lasers throughout the weekend.

New Look Laser College is open to individuals of any professional background, regardless of their laser or medical background. At any given course, it’s common to have tattoo artists, med spa technicians, doctors, plastic surgeons, and first-time laser users/entrepreneurs training together.

We love having such a wide variety of friendly faces at each of our courses because it enriches our students’ experience!  Medical professionals can dive deeper into laser physics, and side effects, and tattoo artists/shop owners share incredibly helpful first-hand insights into the artwork and business aspects of laser tattoo removal.  These different perspectives, combined with instruction from our team of field experts, allows for engaging discussion and more shared knowledge, further enhancing every student’s learning experience!

Although we accept students of any professional background into our training program to earn their certification in laser tattoo removal, it’s essential to know your own state’s rules and regulations surrounding the procedure before attending a training course.  Some states may only require that you have proof of certification and a functional laser, while others may require that you have a medical director listed on staff or that laser tattoo removal practitioners must be registered nurses. Click here to research your state’s rules and regulations regarding laser tattoo removal.

Get Your Questions Answered During Our Upcoming Webinar!
If you have more burning questions about New Look Laser College, be sure to join us for this exciting and informative webinar! During this livestream, we’ll answer our most popular FAQs surrounding our training course and help you determine if this course is right for you or your team.  This exclusive webinar will stream on September 20th, 2019 at 2:00 PM CST and is free to view. All registrants will receive a recording after we air live (be sure to sign up before Sept. 20th!). Click here to sign up for the webinar!


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