Laser Tattoo Removal on Patients with Medium or Dark Complexions

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Many people seeking laser tattoo removal believe it is not possible to remove tattoos on patients with darker skin types or that laser tattoo removal is more effective on lighter skin types. We’re here to share that laser tattoo removal is safe to use on all skin types as long as you use the right technology, the proper settings, and receive certified training.

A large majority of tattoo removal clinics utilize the Fitzpatrick scale to determine the appropriate laser settings to use for different skin types. The Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical classification that is based on a patient’s reaction to sun exposure and ranges from Skin Type I (very fair) to Skin Type VI (very dark).

Thanks to advanced Q-switched technology, laser tattoo removal can effectively and safely remove tattoos on any skin tone. New Look Laser College uses only the best laser technology for hands-on practice. All students of NLLC will practice on real patients of all skin types using advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG and ruby lasers.

Laser technicians and laser clinics that produce undesirable results on skin types III-VI are usually using ineffective, outdated technology that is not appropriate for these skin types or did not receive proper laser training. New Look Laser College believes practicing with the right technology will give our students the knowledge and high technology standards of what to use in their practices in order to deliver flawless, efficient results.

New Look Laser College also brings in a diverse pool of real patients so that you experience treating patients of all skin types. Patients with lighter skin tones will need to be treated with different settings than patients with darker skin tones, but in the end, all patients should experience the same clear results as long as the correct technology and settings are being used and customized to each patient and their tattoo.

Both fluence and wavelength are important settings that need to be customized to optimize results for patients with sensitive skin. Also we’ll discuss providing adequate time between treatments to promote proper healing and how to manage side effects of they arise. If you are looking to build your confidence with safely treating medium and dark skin tones for tattoo removal, call us today at (281) 846-5890 or sign up for one of our training courses and learn how from our laser tattoo removal experts.