Laser Tattoo Removal for Tattoo Studios

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A001_C022_03121XAs more and more people get tattoos applied, the demand for laser tattoo removal continues to grow in proportion. Although many people believe that only medical spas, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists are the natural choice for tattoo removal, actually tattoo artists and tattoo studios are also likely to flourish within this growing industry.

Why? Professional tattoo artists are the most educated people when it comes to body art. They are experts in tattoo application, they know which inks work best on which skin type, and are highly knowledgeable in the science and anatomy of ink-skin interaction. Not only are they tattoo specialists; they already have an established clientele of potential candidates interested in achieving body art goals.

Adopting laser tattoo removal is one of the smartest decisions a tattoo studio could make. It gives them the ability to offer multiple services like complete removal, partial removal and, most importantly, fading of tattoos for cover-ups. There are millions of people that wish to hide an unwanted tattoo with a cover-up tattoo. Cover-up tattoos are widely popular and most successful when the original tattoo is faded down or lightened. Instead of sending your customers elsewhere to have their tattoo faded, you could perform laser tattoo removal on them yourself and add significant profit to your practice. Not to mention, having a laser at your shop will help you stand out from other tattoo studios in your area.

While some states have no regulations for this procedure, there are many states that enforce strict regulations in favor of medical professionals. If you are interested in adding laser tattoo removal to your tattoo studio, be sure to research your state’s regulations and always have a medical director at hand. Read this blog for more information on state regulations.

New Look Laser College offers laser tattoo removal training for all professions. Many tattoo artists have attended our courses and are now experiencing the benefits of adding laser tattoo removal to their tattoo studio. If you want to add profit and increase your clientele base, sign up for our training course today! Call us at (281) 846-5890 or email us at