Laser Tattoo Removal Training Experts Featured in Nurse Week magazine

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Lynette Kennedy, FNP, CLS, the provost of New Look Laser College, the leading program for laser tattoo removal training, was featured in Nurse Week magazine for her work in the field.

Wendy Bonifazi’s article discussed the growing field of laser tattoo removal and included a lot of useful information from Ms. Kennedy on the practice of laser tattoo removal. The interview discussed the use of incorrect lasers by clinics – “lots of clinics use whatever laser they have for hair removal and other procedures, but those can send the intense pulsed light or laser pulse past the tattoo, much deeper than necessary, or cause a significant transfer of heat and burn [the skin], Kennedy stated.

Kennedy also discussed the art of laser tattoo removal – “it’s a fine line between enough injury for a good treatment and overboard, causing damage. You want to see enough swelling to be sure the immune system is bringing fluid to carry ink away and heal without scarring.”

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The article continued – “to do so, [Kennedy] says, the operators should be a certified laser specialist training specifically for tattoo removal.”

New Look Laser College is the training program of choice for those who are serious about learning the science and art of laser tattoo removal. New Look offers laser tattoo removal training course in their Houston, Texas facility as well as internationally. If you are interested in learning more about New Look Laser College, visit our website or call 713.783.2000

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