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New Look Laser College offers a laser training course for individuals interested in learning how to perform tattoo removal procedures. As the only laser school focused exclusively on laser tattoo removal, New Look Laser College is dedicated to providing the highest-quality instruction to help you learn about this exciting and growing field.

As you probably know, New Look Laser College offers what no other laser college is willing to promise – that you’ll walk away from our 3 day course with a minimum of 10 practice sessions with a tattoo removal laser. Don’t spend thousands listening to a lecture from someone who hasn’t done a tattoo removal procedure in the last month or year. The instructors at New Look Laser College are active practitioners in laser tattoo removal and will give you hints and insider knowledge that you can’t get anywhere else.

One of the things the instructors at New Look Laser College realize is that you won’t be ready to offer your clients quality service unless you’ve practiced the real skills first. We’ll help our laser school students work to build their proficiency with real tattoo removal procedures and techniques, as well as help you learn how to perform a consultation with a new patient.

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Whether you are a career medical professional or someone with no medical background you’ll learn a lot at New Look Laser College. The Director and Provost of the laser college are owners of a chain of laser tattoo removal clinics and love teaching students what they’ve learned the hard way.

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