Tattoo Removal Training in Russia

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Treatment 16 webEveryone has past experiences they would like to erase, and for many that includes body ink. As more and more people in Russia experience tattoo regret, the need for tattoo removal will continue to rise.

New Look Laser College is now holding tattoo removal training courses in Russia and Europe to help you learn all there is to know about this growing field.

The Tattoo Removal Market

Tattoo removal is one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most profitable procedures in the cosmetic industry today. Millions of people around the world get tattoos as a form of expression. However, 17% to 50% of tattoo owners experience tattoo regret and look for ways to erase what they once thought was a good idea.

Most tattoo removal patients are concerned about their appearance, making the tattoo removal industry accessible to all kinds of practitioners—from plastic surgeons to dermatologists to tattoo artists and even entrepreneurs. The number of people getting a tattoo rises annually, and each person that gets a tattoo becomes a potential tattoo removal patient.

The Course

New Look Laser College is the world’s first training program devoted to laser tattoo removal. The course was established in 2007 by successful tattoo removal clinic owners in the United States. They have since spread out to teach internationally all over Europe, including Russia, and Asia.

The 2-day training course is taught by the leading experts in tattoo removal and covers material such as laser physics, laser safety, patient protocol, and business and marketing tips to help make your practice stand out from the competition.

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NLLC training clients attending the course in Russia will also be given hands-on training experience in addition to the NLLC didactic material. Being able to work with the lasers will give you the confidence you need to successfully enter the tattoo removal industry and profit with this in-demand procedure.

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