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We use Astanza’s Duality Signature, Trinity, Eternity TSR, and PicoStar laser for tattoo removal at our clinics as well as for training at our laser tattoo removal training college.

The Trinity is a q-switched combination Nd:YAG and Ruby laser with 3 powerful wavelenghts – the 1064nm for darker colors (black, brown, purple, dark blue), the 532nm for light colors (red, yellow, orange, and other light colors), and the 694nm wavelength – with a full 1 Joule of energy – for blue and green tattoos. Of all the lasers we’ve used over the years, we’ve been most impressed with the power and effectiveness of the Astanza Trinity, especially on colors like blue and green that have been so hard to remove in the past.

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When you enroll in our laser tattoo removal training course at New Look Laser College, we’ll walk you through every part of the laser so you know exactly how it works and what it is capable of. It is a user-friendly machine – both the software and the hardware. The Trinity has a simple foot pedal (like a sewing machine!) that activates the laser, a simple key to turn the laser on and off, and plenty of confirmation steps that make sure you only use the laser when you want to. The software interface is push button and has never causes us a single problem. The most common maintenance issues involve re-aligning the laser if it gets bumped around too much. The mirrors in the reticulating arm are very sensitive but we’ve only had a few occasions where we’ve needed to realign the mirrors.

Overall, it is a great machine. Astanza’s technical support comes to our site pretty quickly. We feel like we’re more familiar with tattoo removal procedures and needs than the manufacturer of the machine, but that’s a pretty common feeling among medical providers.

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