What is a Medical Director for a Tattoo Removal Clinic?

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Many students here at New Look Laser College are interested in setting up their own laser tattoo removal clinic. One of the most frequently asked questions has to do with “medical directors” – what are they, what are the medical director’s responsibilities, who can be one, what does the medical director for a tattoo removal clinic get in the way of compensation, etc. During our laser tattoo removal training course, we discuss the issue of medical directors in depth and provide plenty of practical suggestions and tips.

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The instructors at New Look Laser College are also the owners and operators of a successful chain of laser tattoo removal clinics and have set up numerous relationships with medical directors both for their tattoo removal clinics as well as other medical ventures. They’ll help laser tattoo removal training students understand how easy this step can be and offer help during and after the laser training course.

Please call New Look Laser College at 713-783-2000 if you would like to learn more.

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