Which Laser is Best for Tattoo Removal?

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One of the most important questions our students and course attendees face when setting up their own laser tattoo removal practice is “what laser is best for tattoo removal?” The second most important question is generally “how do I market and advertise tattoo removal?” The third most important question is “what do I charge for the tattoo removal?” In this post, we’ll address the first question – what laser or lasers are best for tattoo removal.

A tattoo removal laser is a significant investment. It is as expensive as a fine automobile but many people don’t have a very good idea at all of what they should be looking for. There is a lot of technical language associated with these lasers: q-switching, Nd:YAG, Ruby, Alexandrite, pulse width, joules, handpieces, fluence, spot size, etc. Plenty of companies sell tattoo removal lasers and like anything else, some of them are great and others are less reliable. In general, the sales people for laser manufacturers aren’t as familiar with their company’s line of tattoo removal lasers as they should be, and they are of course biased in their perspective of what it best.

Here at New Look Laser College, we’ve had a chance to evaluate many, many tattoo removal lasers. Laser manufacturers have let us test their equipment and we’ve had many different lasers used in our own tattoo removal clinics that we own and operate. We know what works, what is hype, what is too expensive, what is potentially unsafe, etc.

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We know prices for tattoo removal lasers, too. When you buy a car, you don’t pay the sticker price, right? MSRP is a price that virtually no one pays, but you learned that over years of buying new and used cars and you’ve benefited from the experience of friends and family. Your friend bought a Camry for X dollars at this dealership, and when you went to the same place 6 months later you had a pretty good idea of what the deal could get done for. Maybe you are a better negotiator, or you needed a few more or less features, but you knew the ballpark. When it comes to buying a tattoo removal laser, price is a very important component that many people will need some advice to determine.

For our laser training students and delegates, we try to understand your budget. Are you starting out and don’t have as much capital available as you’d like? We’ll have some suggestions on less expensive but high quality tattoo removal lasers. Are you already practicing medicine or running a laser clinic, and you need a top-of-the-line machine that can be a strong addition to your business? Have you read about tattoo removal lasers and have a pretty good idea what you want, but need a bit of advice from an expert to feel comfortable making your big decision?

At New Look Laser College, we are experts at laser tattoo removal. We provide training in laser theory as well as hands-on laser practice. We are leaders in marketing laser clinics and we’ve helped many, many people purchase tattoo removal lasers and we’ve purchased plenty for our own clinics. We’ll give you our honest advice for free because we love our field and want as many people to be as successful as possible. Our mission is to make laser tattoo removal as available as possible around the world to everybody that wants to remove a tattoo. Please call us at 713-783-2000 and ask to speak with Ryan Lambert, Director of New Look Laser College with your questions.

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