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New Look Laser Consulting offers the very best laser tattoo removal training in the United States. With its expert instructors, Lynette Kennedy FNP-C and Ryan Lambert, you get the very best hands-on medical laser training for tattoo removal and business training so you can properly understand the tattoo removal industry and market your laser tattoo removal business. This allows you to not only safely and effectively offer laser tattoo removal to your clients but it allows you to immediately start to generate a new stream of revenue.

This program is great for anyone. We have trained hundreds of people, medical and non-medical, in the tattoo removal field. We know the ins and outs of laser tattoo removal and we are happy to share some of our pearls of wisdom with you. We can teach you how to add tattoo removal to your current medical practice if you are in the medical field. We can train you on how to incorporate laser tattoo removal into your current business that isn’t in the medical field if you are a non-medical person or we can give you the tips you need to start a stand alone laser tattoo removal business from the ground up. We have the experience and know how that you are searching for. The laser tattoo removal industry is quickly expanding and it is a treatment that is in very high demand. This is a cutting-edge field that has very little competition at this time. Get in while people are still figuring out what a great opportunity this industry is.

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We provide laser certification at our laser school. You will find we offer you all the certification you need to have the very best laser tattoo removal training experience possible and the credentials that you need in order to operate your tattoo removal business. You will become a certified laser specialist and laser safety officer upon completion of this laser course.

For more information on our laser training courses or to learn how to sign up please call us at 713.783.2000. Become the best laser technician for tattoo removal with our tattoo removal technician training.

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