The Practical Approach to Laser Tattoo Removal

Hello everyone. This is Lynette Kennedy, Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Laser Specialist. I am very excited about our new blog. It will be a great way to discuss interesting topics in laser tattoo removal. New Look Laser College is a great way to get the very best in laser tattoo removal training. As a Nurse Practitioner beginning my journey with medical lasers and having a big interest in tattoo removal back in the day, it was more difficult than I thought to get quality training. I am very dedicated to my patients and I wanted to make sure my training was thorough enough so I could start removing tattoos starting day one in my clinic.

One of the things that some training programs leave out is the practical approach to what you are learning. New Look Laser College provides a training course filled with in depth training in laser physics, dermatology, the practical approach to what to do just prior to the laser tattoo removal treatment, during the treatment and after the laser tattoo removal treatment. Having the skills to properly educate your patients/clients will be very important and New Look Laser College will make sure you are comfortable with your newly aquired tattoo removal skills. The last but sometimes the most important element to the tattoo removal training course will be to teach everyone how to properly run their own clinic including basic business set up, marketing, etc.

With New Look Laser College, you will be equiped to do a wonderful job removing tattoos all over the world. We are excited to get the courses up and running so please check back often to enroll in the first laser tattoo removal training course.

First post on new blog for New Look Laser College

This blog is devoted to news, Q&As, and other topics of interest from New Look Laser College which offers laser tattoo removal training courses. We specialize in teaching only one area – courses to enable medical professionals and the general public to competently and safety operate tattoo removal lasers. Please check back often to read the latest on our blog, and feel free to write in with any questions you have about our laser school.