Laser Safety Training – Class 2 Lasers

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Class 2 lasers are familiar to many of us – many laser pointers fall into this category. These lasers are safe because the blink reflex will limit exposure to no more than 0.25 seconds. Among the criteria for these lasers are (1) visible light lasers (400 nanometers to 700 nanometers); (2) up to 1mW of continuous wave output or up to 0.25 seconds or if the light is not spatially coherent.

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The lasers used for tattoo removal are Class 4 and they present a direct and reflected radiation risk to practitioners, patients, and by-standards. At New Look Laser College’s laser tattoo removal training program we provide extensive training and practice to students to make sure they are in full command of laser safety principles. The protocols are easy to remember and will become second-nature once they’ve been followed a few times. We emphasize the importance of them so that our laser training students don’t get lax once they’ve started their practice and start taking shortcuts.

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