Future tattoo removal laser efforts

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One of the major areas of research in laser tattoo removal is developing lasers that have even shorter pulses. These lasers would potentially replace nanosecond tattoo removal lasers with picosecond or even femtosecond lasers. Here’s why this is important:

Give equal energy input, the shorter the treatment pulse the more efficient a treatment can be offered. Research has found that the optimal pulse duration for fragmenting tattoo particles is 10 picoseconds to 100 picoseconds. A shorter pulse duration can limit the collateral damage causes by tattoo removal lasers.

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Lasers used for tattoo removal have evolved significantly from continuous wave, millisecond pulse to now nanosecond pulse widths (generally between 5nm to 10ns).

In the laser physics discussion of our laser tattoo removal training course we explore these concepts in great depth for our laser training students.

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