Summer 2017 Laser College Recap

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Summer’s no excuse–we at Astanza’s training division, New Look Laser College, have been busier than ever! Just this season, we’ve held three laser certification courses on two separate continents. We had a session in Dallas (June 9 – 10th), one in Amsterdam (June 16 – 17th), and another in Dallas last week (July 29 – 30th). (Hint: Keep reading for a special deal for future classes!)

Laser certification class

What’s Popular

Upon receiving feedback from past New Look Laser attendees, we frequently hear that participants enjoy the class’s exclusive focus on laser tattoo removal and the specific knowledge needed to successfully carry out laser treatments as well as set up a thriving business.

People like that the class is structured into easy-to-digest parts, including the physics and business behind laser tattoo removal as well as hands-on time in the clinic with volunteer patients. In addition, many attendees appreciate our addressing other related topics, such as permanent makeup and microblading.

laser certification class laser certification class

Upcoming New Look Laser College Courses 
Don’t worry if you missed one of our classes this summer! For 2017, we have two additional classes scheduled in Dallas for September (23-24th) and November (3-4th).

Special Summer Promotion – $100 Off
We have a special promotion, ending on August 7th, for a $100 credit towards any of the remaining 2017 classes.  In order to receive the credit toward one of these classes, you must register before August 7th and use the coupon code “Summer100”.

2018 Schedule
Our 2018 schedule is not yet set in stone; contact us, and we can send you a notification when the class schedule is announced.

About New Look Laser College 
New Look Laser College is the first laser training program in the world devoted exclusively to providing instruction in laser tattoo removal and Q-switched lasers. The 2-day laser certification class is high-quality and pertinent to the realities of business and patient care. Our training clients select our training program because they want to perform this procedure following the most practical and realistic experience possible.