Laser Safety Training – Class 3 Lasers

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As part of New Look Laser College’s commitment to provide education on laser safety, here’s the next part of our review of laser classes. Our tattoo removal training course focuses on Class 4 lasers used for laser tattoo removal.

Class III lasers and laser systems (medium power) produce radiation that can cause eye damage when viewed directly, or when a specular reflection is viewed. A diffuse reflection is usually not a hazard.

Class 3 lasers are medium power lasers or laser systems that require control measures to prevent viewing of the direct beam. Control measures emphasize preventing exposure of the eye to the primary or specularly reflected beam.

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Examples of Class 3 Lasers

* Visible CW HeNe lasers above 1 mW, not exceeding 5 mW radiant power.
* Visible cw HeNe lasers above 5 mW, but not exceeding 500 mW radiant power

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