Laser Tattoo Removal Course Syllabus – Day 2

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Here is a continuation of the description of the day-by-day syllabus of our laser tattoo removal training course. Day 2 offers a explanation of key elements of laser tattoo removal – understanding the skin, tattoo removal equipment, plenty of before, after, and during pictures of tattoo removal procedures and examples, and opportunities for our tattoo removal training students to practice on real patients.

Morning (9am – 1230pm)
– Skin & Dermatology
– Tattoo Removal Laser & Equipment
– Start of Exploring Tattoo Removal

Lunch Break (1230pm – 130pm)

Afternoon (130pm – 5pm)
– Finish Exploring Tattoo Removal
– How to Conduct a Consultation
– Hands-on Laser Practice
– Tattoo Removal Procedures

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The section “Exploring Tattoo Removal” is a key component of our laser tattoo removal training course. During this extensive section, we’ll discuss the energy (fluence) levels that are used during procedures and discuss the side effects of laser tattoo removal. We’ll show you dozens upon dozens of before, during, and after pictures of what a patient’s tattoo will look like during treatment. There is few things more instructive than for our laser training students to be able to know what to expect when they have their own patients at their own clinic. You’ll know that a blister can be very small or quite large and how to prepare patients for this as well as how to advise them to take care of this common but simple side effect. You’ll be exposed to picture of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation and instructions on how to deal with these conditions. You’ll see stubborn tattoos that aren’t easily removed and be able to advise patients on whether or not laser tattoo removal is a suitable treatment for their tattoo.

Note that we endeavor to provide the latest in laser tattoo removal information so the curriculum does change from time to time.

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