Medlite C6 and Revlite training

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New Look Laser College offers laser tattoo removal training for all tattoo removal lasers. Systems that we have extensive experience with include the Astanza Trinity, Astanza Duality, Candela TriVantage, Hoya ConBio Medlite C6 and Revlite tattoo removal lasers, Cynosure Affinity QS, and Palomar Q-YAG-5.. New Look Laser College specializes in laser tattoo removal training and enables our students to develop expertise on several tattoo removal lasers so that they will be familiar with their use in clinical settings.

New Look Laser College provides training on the Astanza Trinity and Astanza Duality lasers. Astanza Lasers is one of the only laser manufacturers that specializes in tattoo removal lasers, and their Trinity offers a combination Nd:YAG and Ruby laser that allows for removal of the traditional colors effectively addressed by 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths, as well as the blues and greens that a ruby laser is very effective at removing.

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Hoya ConBio’s Medlite C6 is one of the more commonly used lasers for laser tattoo removal, although it probably isn’t the top machine available. It offers four wavelengths of light – primarily the 1064nm and 532nm but also the 585nm and 650nm – to remove a wide range of colors. The 585nm and 650nm impregnated dye hand pieces are significantly underpowered and aren’t used by many practitioners. We give students recommended protocols that reveal the fluence, spot size, and other settings for these machines. As part of our tattoo removal training program we also give students advice on the Revlite (also made by Hoya ConBio), Cynosure’s Affinity QS, and the Palomar Q-YAG-5.

If you are interested in setting up a laser tattoo removal clinic or expanding your aesthetic skill set by offer laser tattoo removal treatments, please contact New Look Laser College at 713-783-2000 or visit our website to learn more about our training.

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