Meet The Laser Tattoo Removal Training Experts: Jordan Hall, Biomedical Engineer and NLLC Course Instructor

Meet the NLLC Tattoo Removal Experts_ Jordan Hall!
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Who are the laser tattoo removal training experts that make New Look Laser College happen? 

Throughout this “Meet the Experts” mini-series, we’re introducing our readers to different NLLC team members. Through these blogs, you’ll learn more about our staff’s experience with tattoo removal lasers, background, motivations, and advice they would give students considering laser tattoo removal as a career! We love getting to know each of our students, and we hope you enjoy learning more about your instructors before attending a course. Keep reading to learn more about Jordan Hall, Biomedical Engineer, and NLLC Course Instructor! 


1. What are your primary roles at New Look Laser College and Astanza Laser? 

At NLLC, I serve as a course instructor and hands-on clinician. That means I split my time between teaching the classroom portion of the course and the treatment room showing students how to operate the lasers and treat patients. When I’m not at NLLC, I work as a Biomedical Engineer at Astanza Laser, installing and repairing lasers across the country while also training Astanza clients on their new devices.  


2. Tell us a little about your professional and educational background. 

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University (Whoop!)


3. What sparked your interest in getting involved in the medical aesthetics field? 

I was first drawn to the field through my passion for medical device design. I love medical technology; I think of it as a puzzle where you have to creatively use all of the resources you have to treat people’s ailments. Aesthetics bring its own challenges between its noninvasive nature and unique relationship to trauma response and healing that are fascinating. 


4. How do you spend your free time when you’re not #changinglives with laser tattoo removal technology and training?

I love to travel, and I try to take one to two big trips every year. When I’m home, I stay busy with reading, cooking, baking, and exercising. I love kayaking and being outdoors. 


5. In your time serving at New Look Laser College, what’s something that surprised you?

The thing that surprises me consistently is how quickly our students manage to pick up the material and how comfortable they become handling the lasers. No one ever said lasers were easy, but we try to format the course in such a way that makes it easier for students to understand.  


6. What do you enjoy most about teaching students the art of laser tattoo removal? 

I definitely love teaching the hands-on portion of the course. The students come in nervous and a little hesitant, and it’s such a good feeling guiding them through their first procedures and watching them become more and more confident as the day goes on. I also love showing off the DESCRIBE PFD Patch! There’s nothing quite like seeing ink eject out a tattoo in front of your eyes! 


7. What’s the most frequently asked question you get about tattoo removal training / NLLC? 

The most frequent question I receive is about the difficulty of the course. NLLC is a fast-paced environment with a lot of dense information, but we structure the course so that it’s easy to digest. We also make sure we give students plenty of time to ask questions. Our team is committed to ensuring everyone leaves the course with all the skills they need to perform laser tattoo removal safely and effectively.  


8. How do you stay current on industry developments? 

I think the best way to stay up to date with the industry is to talk to my clients. Some of our clients do dozens of tattoos every day, honing their skills and becoming experts in their own right. Everyone develops their own techniques and tricks, so it’s really cool when someone who was once your student becomes your peer. 

9. What advice would you give someone interested in starting a career in laser tattoo removal? 

Just like with any big career move, you need to be prepared. You need to understand your market, regulations, business best-practices, pricing structures, and a whole host of complications that can arise. Do your research and make the best move for you. 


10. Any parting thoughts?

Laser tattoo removal is an exciting and fun business to be in! You’ll meet all kinds of people, see all types of tattoos, and you’ll get to say you shoot people with lasers for a living (That’s always fun to brag about, right?)! Astanza and NLLC can give you all the tools you need to succeed in this industry, so if you’re seriously considering getting involved in aesthetics, sign up for a course!

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Jordan brightens each course with his positive energy, laser expertise, and eagerness to assist students, and we love being able to call him a teammate and friend! We’re excited for you to meet him at one of our upcoming courses! If you’re interested in becoming a laser tattoo removal practitioner, join us at our next class to learn from Jordan and our team of experts! Click here or below to view the full course schedule. 

Meet Jordan at New Look Laser College! 


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