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It’s no secret that laser tattoo removal is one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments available today. As demand continues to rise, tattoo shops, medical spas, laser clinics, and plastic surgery centers are clamoring to get in on the action.  Adding laser tattoo removal to your existing aesthetics business is a great way to increase revenue and expand your reach, but it’s important to know where to start. To help, New Look Laser College is excited to share “The Ultimate Starter Kit for Growing Your Business with Laser Tattoo Removal” by Astanza Laser! This is a free, helpful resource now available to those interested in laser tattoo removal training and business development. Click here to subscribe now!  


Increasing Revenue with Laser Tattoo Removal 

Based on recent Census data, we know that 29% of the US population is tattooed (over the age of 18).  More than 23% of Americans with tattoos experience “tattoo regret” and are actively ready to find tattoo removal solutions. Considering how quickly practitioners can complete a single laser tattoo removal session and can capture approximately $1,500 per total treatment package, it’s no surprise business owners are eager to introduce LTR into their clinics. Read more on making money with laser tattoo removal.    


About Your Starter Kit

“The Ultimate Starter Kit for Growing Your Business with Laser Tattoo Removal” is a subscription package containing information and strategies to help users through each step of adding a new laser service to their business. By subscribing to the Starter Kit, you’ll learn more about: 


  • Expanding your Business with Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Tips for Researching Your State’s Laser Regulations
  • Answering FAQs on Laser Tattoo Removal Training
  • Understanding Your Revenue Potential and Nearby Competition 
  • Getting Pre-Approved for Financing / Discovering Your Financing Options


Subscribers will receive one email every week granting them exclusive access to popular tattoo removal webinars (pre-recorded), ebooks, and guides detailing each of the topics listed above. Astanza, with the help of New Look Laser College, has bundled the most important content that business owners will need access to when deciding to invest in laser tattoo removal technology. “The Ultimate Starter Kit for Growing Your Business with Laser Tattoo Removal” is FREE to access. Click here to subscribe to your Starter Kit now!  


Why These Resources Matter (and Where You Can Find More) 

New Look Laser College and Astanza Laser strive to always provide helpful resources to our students, clients, and potential tattoo removal investors. We understand that the journey to growing your business with laser tattoo removal can be complex, so our goal is to help simplify the process and answer each of your questions. By following along with your Starter Kit, you’ll find answers to steer you in the right direction – and questions you hadn’t thought of yet. It’s crucial that business owners have a strong grasp on their state’s laser regulations, tattoo removal training / certifications, local competitors, and financing options before diving into a new industry. We’ve handpicked content tailored to each of these needs a business owner may have. For additional tattoo removal resources or information related to other aesthetic procedures and technologies, visit Astanza Laser’s free Aesthetic Resources library. 


Get Started with Laser Tattoo Removal Today! 

“The Ultimate Starter Kit for Growing Your Business with Laser Tattoo Removal” is a free subscription, and we encourage those interested in expanding their tattoo shops, med spas, laser clinics, and surgery centers to subscribe! Click here to access your Starter Kit now. 


New Look Laser College is proud to partner with Astanza to deliver helpful content and resources to our students – past, present, and future! NLLC is the premiere laser tattoo removal specialty course available in the US offering the most comprehensive training experience. To secure a spot at one of our upcoming courses, view our training schedule and register online today! 


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