Can I Make Money with Laser Tattoo Removal?

Can I make money with laser tattoo removal_
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Prospective students often ask, “can I actually make money with laser tattoo removal?” The short answer is – YES! The laser tattoo removal corner of the aesthetics industry can be incredibly lucrative. With the proper training, laser technology, service, and marketing strategy, you can build a successful career (or business) offering laser tattoo removal services, alone. Keep reading for more insight into earning money with tattoo removal.

High Demand + Quick Treatment Time = Recipe For Success

First, it’s important to understand the demand for laser tattoo removal services. Based on US Census data, 29% of the population over the age of 18 has tattoos of some kind. Of those tattooed Americans over 18, 23% experience tattoo regret. This section of the population, your target audience, is actively seeking out ways to distance themselves from their tattoo – either through covering up with a new tattoo or seeking complete removal through laser treatments. 


Going one step further, the average treatment package costs approximately $1,500 after the patient completes all necessary sessions. To give you an idea of the opportunity for revenue with laser tattoo removal in the United States, let’s break this down: 


Currently, there are approximately 74,584,827 adults in the US with tattoos.

Of those people, 17,154,510 experience tattoo regret. 

If each of those people with tattoo regret spent $1500 to completely remove their tattoo, that would result in approximately $25,731,765,000 worth of revenue to capture. 


When you take into account how quickly a practitioner can complete a single session, we further understand your revenue potential in a single day. One laser tattoo removal treatment can take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes, not including initial paperwork and bandaging. Once you and your staff find a good rhythm for patient intake, treatment, and processing, it becomes even easier to be more efficient with your time and increase the number of paying customers you see each day.  


Understand Your Environment & Identify the Competition  

Now that we understand the demand and potential for revenue with laser tattoo removal, it’s critical to analyze your market and competition. These two components often go hand in hand, as your market area will have some influence on the number of competitors you’ll encounter.  For example, a highly populated city like Los Angeles naturally will have more potential competitors than a small town in a more rural area. Location will also drive many other factors for your business such as rent for your facility, what you’ll be able to reasonably charge your patients, expected demand, and more. 


Your competitors will be any business currently offering laser tattoo removal: med spas, tattoo shops, plastic surgery clinics, or laser tattoo removal specialty clinics. Each of these types of businesses possesses their own strengths and weaknesses, especially in terms of marketing and reach. While it never hurts to simply google the competition, our marketing experts at Astanza and New Look Laser College take a deep dive into their digital marketing, services, and technology when scoping out market potential for prospective students and clients. 

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Uncover Your Revenue Potential and Market Environment With Laser Tattoo Removal

Researching your market for laser tattoo removal can be complicated, so New Look Laser College and Astanza have crafted a new tool to help you uncover your revenue potential and understand how you can stack up against existing competitors in your area. If you’re a prospective New Look Laser College student considering a career in laser tattoo removal, click here or below to request a customized Market Assessment. Our Marketing Team compiles census data, industry insight, and marketing expertise to provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your potential with this in-demand procedure. Click here to request your custom Market Assessment today and start earning more money with laser tattoo removal! 


To get certified in laser tattoo removal, click here to view our training schedule and register for a course. 

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