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Join New Look Laser College for an exclusive new webinar, “Tips for Researching Your State’s Laser Regulations” on Thursday, July 9th at 1:30 PM CST! New Look Laser College is excited to host this new webinar alongside our parent company, Astanza Laser, the leading distributor for aesthetic laser technology. This webinar is open to the public and is free to view upon registration. Click here to register for the livestream! 

Why We’re Hosting This New Webinar 

Researching your state’s regulations regarding laser tattoo removal is one of the most important steps you’ll take when pursuing a career in this high-demand field.  While it’s important to determine the demand in your area for this procedure, analyze your potential competitors, and research different training programs, it’s just as critical to identify your state’s laser laws. Doing so at the start of your laser journey will help you more quickly understand the rules you need to play by: Can I legally fire a laser in my state with my current qualifications? Do I need a license? Do I need a Medical Director?  


Unfortunately, state’s laser regulations aren’t always readily available or easy to find. After years of experience helping clients and students track down their state’s laser laws, we’ve developed some tips and tricks for expediting the process and finding the information you need quickly. 


What You’ll Learn 

During this webinar, our hosts will cover several topics to help simplify your search for your state’s laser regulations.  We’ll cover these questions and topics: 

  • What Sources Can I Trust? 
  • Laser Classifications Explained 
  • Who Can Perform Ablative Vs. Non-Ablative Treatments?
  • Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup, And Natural Pigmentation
  • Differentiating Between Laws, Regulations, Statutes, And Advisory Opinions On Lasers
  • Do I Need a License to Fire a Laser?

You’ll find that there’s a lot of information out there when it comes to researching your state’s laser tattoo removal regulations. It can become an overwhelming process determining the difference between laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and other popular types of laser regulations if you don’t know where to look. That’s where we come in. 


About Your Webinar Hosts

We’ve recruited the help of some of the aesthetic industry’s finest to host this upcoming webinar. Our special guest host, Justin Arnosky, serves as the VP of Clinical Education for Astanza Laser and the Director of New Look Laser College. Not only has Justin trained countless individuals in laser tattoo removal, he’s also helped hundreds of people in their search for their state’s laser regulations.  Arnosky has collected a long ledger of insights, tips, and tricks over the years to help new laser users start their laser journey on the right foot. 

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To get started on your laser tattoo removal training journey, join us for this exclusive educational webinar! “Tips for Researching Your State’s Laser Regulations” is free to view upon registration. Tune in for the livestream on Thursday, July 9th at 1:30 PM CST. If you’re unable to attend the live version, be sure to register to receive a recorded version. Click here to register now!


Happy researching! 


Click to watch the webinar, "Tips for Researching Laser Regulations in Your State"