Meet the Laser Tattoo Removal Experts: Justin Arnosky, VP of Clinical Education and Director of NLLC!

Meet the NLLC Tattoo Removal Experts_ Justin Arnosky!
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Step inside our office and meet the minds behind our comprehensive tattoo removal training program! During this blog mini-series, we’ll meet several of the New Look Laser College instructors. Through these blogs, you’ll learn more about their experience, motivations, and advice they would give students in the same position, contemplating a career in laser tattoo removal! We highly value getting to know each student personally when they attend a course, and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know your instructors a little better. First up, meet Justin Arnosky, VP of Clinical Education at Astanza Laser and Director of New Look Laser College! 

1. What’s your primary role at New Look Laser College and Astanza Laser? 

At New Look Laser College, I serve as Director and do most of the lecture in the course. For Astanza, I similarly serve as the VP of Clinical Education, as well as the “Quality Manager” to ensure the company is FDA-compliant in everything we do. 

2. Tell us a little about your professional and educational background. 

I went to the University of Michigan, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science (a.k.a. Exercise Science/Kinesiology, depending on who you ask). Then, I attended Clemson University and earned my master’s degree in Bioengineering (a.k.a. Biomedical Engineering). 

3. What sparked your interest in getting involved in the medical aesthetics field? 

Meet the NLLC Tattoo Removal Experts_ Justin Arnosky from NLLC!I like medical technology! Surgical/nonsurgical intervention, biocompatibility, and the body’s physiological response to trauma and treatment are just an amazing natural wonder. And who doesn’t think lasers are the coolest thing in the world?! Put all that together, and you have exactly what Astanza Laser does. Everything from laser tattoo and hair removal, skin resurfacing, and all the treatments in between, work in slightly different ways, and the evolution of how we got to this point in aesthetic technology is inspiring, and I’m always looking forward to what the industry will come up with next.  

4. How do you spend your free time when you’re not #changinglives with laser tattoo removal technology and training?

Well, when we’re not in the times of Coronavirus, I’m an endurance junky. I’ve done 13 Full Distance Triathlons (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile marathon run), a 100km ultramarathon, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 100ish other running and triathlon events, across the country and internationally. Right now, my new passion is Ӧtillö or “Swim-Run” racing, in which you compete in pairs to traverse a point to point course, blending swimming across channels and running over islands, anywhere from 15-20 miles running, and 2-4 miles swimming. Running in a wetsuit and swimming in trail shoes, for 3-5 hours? Sign me up! 

5. In all your years serving at New Look Laser College, what’s something that surprised you? 

My students! I have personally overseen and trained hundreds of practitioners, and I still love hearing their background. The amazing range of people who attend New Look Laser College, or purchase an Astanza device and go through our training, keeps me on my toes. I spend my time teaching, but not to sound corny, I learn so much from my students as well. When I train tattoo artists, I learn more about tattooing than I ever thought I would, and I try to implement that knowledge into the course. Demonstrating knowledge and appreciation for tattooing can go a long way in establishing a great rapport with patients. I like to say that I probably haven’t treated the most tattoos of anyone in the world. Still, we get the amalgamation of the most bizarre and unusual situations, requests, and side effects, so we have seen a lot of the interesting cases out there.

6. What do you enjoy most about teaching students the art of laser tattoo removal? 

There’s nothing like the first treatment a new practitioner has with laser tattoo removal. That first treatment brings out the brilliant white snow, swelling, and snap, and of course, a lot of nerves with new practitioners. Being nervous is normal! That’s why the other instructors and I are standing over your shoulder, guiding you to do treatments safely and effectively. Once practitioners realize that laser tattoo removal is a safe, effective way to treat ink, there’s a genuine enjoyment of turning a dark black tattoo instantly white.

7. What’s the most frequently asked question you get about tattoo removal training / NLLC? 

Meet the Tattoo Removal Experts_ Justin Arnosky

Easy! “What kind of prerequisites do I need to have to attend New Look Laser College?” The answer is none. If you’re a tattoo artist with no experience in lasers or a laser hair removal specialist with no experience in tattoos, we teach the course to bring everyone up to the same level of understanding to use the laser safely. This is why we ask for your background and goals in the laser tattoo removal space. We make sure that we answer your most pressing questions, and your questions and concerns are often shared with other students in the course, regardless of their background. While our staff is full of seasoned biomedical engineers, we don’t want you to feel like you need such prior education to get the most out of our course.

8. How do you stay current on industry developments? 

Google it. Only slightly kidding- my favorite tool for staying up to date on the technology is having a Google Scholar Alert. For my fellow nerds out there, go to, and search for terms you want to know about. This search engine allows you to look specifically for scholarly journals, as opposed to what you may find from marketing, sales, or other entities who have an obvious motivation for publishing certain information, but not others that may detract from a given technology. There is a tremendous amount of information available, studies conducted and researched by board-certified physicians. I place a lot of value in statistically significant data, which helps inform the content we teach at our course. 

9. What advice would you give someone interested in starting a career in laser tattoo removal? 

Do your research. We can teach you everything you need to know to fire a laser safely and effectively, but being a qualified practitioner is only part of the equation. Know your state laws, your market, and listen to your marketing expert. There are right ways and wrong ways to start your business, and our course can help teach you the best practices to ensure your best chance to succeed.

10. Any parting thoughts?

Our two-day course is an immersive, dense, and fast-paced learning environment. We feel the way we cover the material and coach you through hands-on gives you all the ammunition you’ll need to open your laser tattoo removal business. Joining forces with our laser team (from sales to installation, training, continued service, and ongoing marketing assistance) is a fantastic way to have a partner in your corner as you venture into a new business. We’d love to have you in the Astanza family!

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Justin invests in each student that attends a course, and he’s always eager to share his wealth of laser tattoo removal and industry knowledge with others. In addition to being an expert in his field, he’s also a great teammate and the exact type of person you’d want in your corner when venturing in laser tattoo removal. If you’re ready to take the next step in your laser journey, join us at our next course and learn from our team of experts! Click here or below to view the full course schedule. 

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