New Look Laser College is the Longest-Running Laser Tattoo Removal School

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Before tattoo removal lasers existed, the options for removing unwanted ink were very limited and even considered dangerous. Due to the recent advancement in laser technology, millions of people living with tattoo regret are actively seeking laser tattoo removal treatment all over the world.

The rapid growth of laser tattoo removal has caught the attention of medical professionals, skin specialists, and entrepreneurs everywhere. New Look Laser College was created with the sole purpose of helping individuals receive proper education on how to join, thrive, and succeed in this widespread, in-demand field.

New Look Laser College is the longest-running laser tattoo removal school in the world. Founded in 2007, New Look Laser College has trained and educated thousands of individuals and helped numerous practitioners build flourishing careers in laser tattoo removal. Our early establishment and years of teaching makes us the most experienced, most knowledgeable, and most trusted laser tattoo removal school. Originally founded in the United States, we are an international training school and have taught courses in dozens of countries and six continents all over the world.

At New Look Laser College, we’ve refined our course material over the years to provide the most comprehensive knowledge in the span of just two days—including didactic training and hands-on training—at incredible value. Our course covers everything from laser physics to patient consultation to effective practice marketing.

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New Look Laser College is the best laser tattoo removal school in the industry and is the perfect place for anyone looking to tap into this in-demand field. We are the leaders and experts of laser tattoo removal and are excited to share our knowledge with you.

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