Who Can Attend New Look Laser College?

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Trinity Laser TreatmentAnyone interested in entering the laser tattoo removal field is welcome to sign up for New Look Laser College’s laser tattoo removal school. We have trained hundreds of individuals all across the world including medical professionals, entrepreneurs, tattoo shop owners, and skin specialists. Below you can find a more in depth summary of the many types of people that can attend New Look Laser College. Everyone is welcome to attend the course, and the curriculum is designed to be both enlightening and accessible to people from all backgrounds

Medical Professionals (Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists)

Many New Look Laser College are medical professionals that want to add laser tattoo removal to their existing practice or medical spa. We’ve heard a lot of medical professionals share stories of patients asking if they offer laser tattoo removal at their practice or if they know a trusted tattoo removal clinic that offers the procedure. Many medical professionals attend New Look Laser College so that they can perform the in-demand procedure themselves and strengthen patient relations.


Entrepreneurs that attend New Look Laser College are interested in starting their own business. Many New Look Laser College entrepreneurs have gone on to create their own successful specialty tattoo removal clinics or medical spas. New Look Laser College was founded by a successful entrepreneur that started a chain of tattoo removal clinics. The course covers everything you need to know to start your own practice clinic—from the procedure to marketing to business operations.

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Laser Technicians

Laser technicians have prior experience and knowledge with other laser procedures and tend to work for medical spas, laser centers, or dermatology or plastic surgery practices that offer a variety of medical laser procedures. Many laser technicians attend New Look Laser College to add laser tattoo removal to their skill set.

Tattoo Shop Owners

Tattoo shop owners witness hundreds of people experiencing tattoo regret. Many people go to tattoo shops and complain that a previous tattoo artist did bad work on them and ask how they could get it removed or covered up. Tattoo shop owners attend New Look Laser College to learn how to completely remove tattoos for clients or to lighten tattoos in preparation for a cover-up.