State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

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Students often ask us what the rules and regulations are in their home state in the area of laser tattoo removal. They are curious if they will be able to perform laser procedures without having a formal medical background. In most cases the answer is yet – most states allow laser technicians who have been trained in a certain way to perform non-ablative (not breaking the skin) laser procedures.

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Please ask us at New Look Laser College if you are curious about the rules in your particular state. We’ll be happy to help you navigate these regulations and provide the highest-quality laser tattoo removal training in the country.

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  1. Tom Nurney says:

    I am looking to gain further knowledge about the state and county regulations concerning tattoo removal in Duval county Florida. I am also interested in the start up costs involved with opening a business involved exclusively with tattoo removal. Before attending your college I would need to be certain that this new technology makes financial sense.
    Tom Nurney

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