Belgium Tattoo Removal Training

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Tattoo removal training course in germanyIn 2009, Belgium citizen Kimberley Vlaminck made international headlines for having 56 stars tattooed across her face. Vlaminck instantly regretted her decision after seeing her face all over the media and quickly turned to laser tattoo removal treatment for a solution. As more and more people experience tattoo regret, the need for tattoo removal continues to grow – both in Belgium and internationally.

New Look Laser College is now teaching in Belgium and can give you the tools you need to thrive in the tattoo removal industry.

About New Look Laser College

New Look Laser College (NLLC) is the world’s first tattoo removal training program. It was established in 2007 by a successful tattoo removal clinic entrepreneur who wanted to share his experience with others entering the industry.

The NLLC experts have trained more tattoo removal practitioners than any other laser training program and are considered the “go-to” experts in all things tattoo removal.

About the Course

New Look Laser College has trained hundreds of tattoo artists, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals in laser tattoo removal. The course material prepares people from all backgrounds to succeed with this procedure and safely treat patients.

The course takes 2 days to complete and is built around the laser tattoo removal procedure. The curriculum covers everything from laser physics, the procedure, clinic operation, effective marketing tips, and much more.

Each person that attends NLLC tattoo removal training in Belgium is given the opportunity to operate and practice on our leading Q-switched laser technology. This hands-on learning experience will give you the proficiency you need to further your skills and begin or improve your own practice.

The course is taught in English on select weekends at various locations in Belgium and throughout Europe.

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