Ireland Laser Tattoo Removal Training

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Patient Discussing Tattoo Removal PriceTattoo removal is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries today. There are thousands of tattoo shops around the world, including Ireland, and millions of people with tattoo regret.

New Look Laser College (NLLC) provides the best knowledge for practitioners and delivers great course material to help anyone profit in this industry.

Our Instructors

The NLLC founders have experience owning and operating successful laser tattoo removal clinics based in the U.S. They developed the NLLC course to share practical knowledge for treating patients and profiting with this procedure. They are experts in tattoo removal and are able to teach NLLC training clients the ins and outs of the business based on their experience working in the industry.

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New Look Laser College Training

New Look Laser College is a 2-day training course that gives valuable information like how to perform treatments and run a clinic.

Unlike other courses that briefly touch on laser tattoo removal, NLLC focuses specifically on the tattoo removal procedure and provides informative materials and hands-on laser practice with our Q-switched lasers. Under the supervision of our experts, students will be able to assess real tattoos and practice firing a laser on actual model patients.

The course is held on various weekends throughout Europe, including Ireland. Each course is taught in English.

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