The Importance of Hands-On Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Laser tattoo removal hands-on training
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Calling all tattoo artists, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and first-time laser users! An immersive training experience can help you develop your laser skills and set you up for success upon entering the laser tattoo removal industry. To get the most comprehensive training experience possible, students need hands-on practice firing the laser themselves. New Look Laser College is the only laser training program to focus exclusively on tattoo removal, and we pride ourselves on giving students the most applicable, in-depth education available.

Hands-on laser practice gives students the necessary experience of working with real patients and laser technology. It also gives students a better understanding of what to expect once they enter the tattoo removal field and begin treating multiple patients each day. Hands-on training will help you learn how to perform the procedure safely and effectively while catering to your patients’ needs.

Astanza TrinityTSR Laser Tattoo RemovalNew Look Laser College students will practice operating laser technology: first firing the laser on paper to get used to the technique, and then treating real tattoo removal patients under their instructor’s supervision.

NLLC trains students to use industry-leading laser technology, primarily the Astanza Duality and Trinity systems, but the course training is also applicable to other devices. During our extensive 2-day course, we bring in patients with different tattoo sizes, ink colors, placements, skin tones, etc. for students to practice administering treatments. Our laser training course prepares our students for almost every type of tattoo removal patient they’ll encounter in their clinics.

Hands-on laser training, as well as our extensive lecture content, gives students the confidence to treat patients with great care and precision. Several Astanza clients have attended New Look Laser College after other generic laser courses to receive more comprehensive, in-depth, hands-on training on laser tattoo removal.

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Hands-on laser tattoo removal training is essential when getting into the laser tattoo removal business. Proper training lays the groundwork for our students to effectively treat their patients in the future and build their brand’s reputation. To learn more about expanding your skillset with laser tattoo removal, click here or below to watch the webinar, Answering FAQs: New Look Laser College.  View the full course schedule here!


Miya Neal - New Look Laser College
Written by Miya Neal

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